Wild Food Cafe is a raw-centric, plant-based eatery focused on creative, seasonal and organic plant-based food served on big shared communal tables in the eclectic and vibrant Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.

The Wild Food Cafe Kitchen, under the experienced guidance of raw-food pioneer and executive chef Joel Gazdar is focused on freshly foraged wild and artisanal ingredients, slow raw-food processes, and a commitment to organic, heirloom produce that has preserved its medicinal benefits, vitality and nutrients.

The underlying current of our menus, ingredient choices and our personal way of living is inviting our guests to see the commonly known dishes in a new, innovative light that is gentler on our bodies and environments. It is an encouragement to experiment in the kitchen and to open the doors to more biodiversity, culture and taste of the plant-food world in our plates. The result is more energy, vitality, lightness, wellbeing… Heck, this food – from our experience – is totally life-promoting!

At Wild Food Cafe we celebrate the idea that food alone (though inspiring and delicious) is not the answer to our health, wellbeing and happiness. We are a heart-centered enterprise that focuses on all aspects of holistic nutrition and individual and collective thriving.



Joel is London born and bred with a rich global ancestral heritage encompassing Persia, India, Eastern & Southern Europe, Scotland and North America. He has been studying humanity’s relationship with food from as early as he can remember. Starting by refusing to eat the beige 80s food at his school, to the life-long interdisciplinary study of nature and our bodies, to the discovery of organics, raw food, veganism and every other wellbeing, nutrition and movement modality that came his way. Joel has spent his time travelling the world, apprenticing with leading-edge wellbeing leaders, teaching about raw food and wellbeing, making gourmet raw chocolate bars and crafting willy-wonka-like recipes for his future restaurant.


Aiste comes from the background of home-grown, allotment keeping traditions of the Baltics. Her taste buds were shaped by the seasonal food picked straight from the ground and regular foraging expeditions to a forest where her favourite foods – mushrooms and wild berries – were found. Her adventurous spirit moved her to London in her teenage years and since then she has been, in her own words: ‘getting to know the world, the people and myself’ through food, yoga, art and the multi-faceted study of wellbeing. 

We are both long-term veggies. For both of us embracing a plant-based lifestyle came with huge transformative health shifts in multiple areas of our lives. Changing our way of eating turned us from depleted, fatigued, depressed, asthmatic, anaemic people with weak ‘modern’ immune systems into two thriving healthy individuals, happy, fulfilled, robust, full of vitality and keen to share this message with as many people as possible. 

Joel and Aiste are available for public workshops and lectures on topics of raw and plant-based food, holistic wellbeing and entrepreneurship.

What we do

Wild Food Cafe is not just a buzzing restaurant, it is a holisitc wellbeing hub. We run a popular Wild Food Cafe School with monthly raw food cookery classes and seasonal raw food & wellbeing immersions. We also source our favourite ingredients and make our very own artisan products available at Wild Food Cafe and in our online shop. Long awaited Wild Food Cafe book is out in Spring 2017.


We have always seen Wild Food Cafe as belonging to the community. It is very important to us that the further Wild Food Cafe blooms, the more it establishes itself as a comunity-centered business that serves the people that care about this way of living and being the most.


Our Team

Our Team

Wild team is an incredible group of people devoted to the art and craft of plant-food and heart-centered hospitality while perpetuating wellness and deliciousness in the world.

We start each day with a big breakfast together during which we sing, dance, shout and have a laugh or two or just have a moment of silence and the latest catch up on food and life.

As a team we are committed to co-creating a thriving environment of conscious communication, trust, responsibility, awareness and appreciation that supports our individual and collective goals.

Join the team!