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After four years of solid teaching and repetitively sold out weekend immersions, we are currently upgrading our course programme to provide an even more exciting, leading-edge and valuable offering for our students. We will email with a heads up as soon as the new course dates and programmes are confirmed.

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1 day mastery

1 day mastery

This one day practical masterclass is focused on establishing strong practical  skills  in a specific, seasonally relevantarea of medicinal raw / wild / plant-based food. 

Date: December 10th


Awaken your Inner Alchemist: Winter Tonic Teas, Medicinal Smoothies and Superfoods Masterclass

This masterclass is focused on modern, relaxed yet in-depth approach to nourishment using raw and plant foods, leading edge ingredients, techniques, food-combos and multi-disciplinary shortcuts & practices to awaken your inner alchemist and transform our food from ‘what we used to eat’ into individualised, potent natural medicine for our bodies, minds and souls.

We will teach how understanding seasonality and holistic view of nutrition and nourishment empowers us to access more practical tools to bring out our individual thriving.

This class will focus on techniques and shortcuts on
smart ingredient combos
introducing vital tonic herbs for this time of the year
structure smoothies and hot beverages with intention of both – deliciousness and intentional nourishment.

We will provide clarity, confidence and dissolve myths and food beliefs that no longer serve on.

We will guide you through the journey of what’s possible (and how) harnessing the power of plant foods, tonic herbs, raw ingredients to optimise our energy levels, provide fulfilment, comfort, functionality and happiness in equal measure.


All things warming foods, variety, nourishment & medicine wheel for winter, simple-to-implement pillars of long-term wellbeing, fermentation, dehydration, gut health, tonic herbs, chocolate, multi-layered meals, mineral-rich foods, wise and individualised balance between raw and cooked and beyond. Plus, two days of moving and sharing, learning and playing with a group of like-minded, inspiring people and nourishing yourself with beautiful organic plant-food. 


Location: Central Street Cookery School, Old Street


We acknowledge that food alone is not enough to bring about the transformative change and happiness in the desired areas of our lives. Inspired by over two decades of our own personal immersion into various fields of wellbeing we bring participants together onto a journey of exploring of what is it that brings about wellbeing & thriving to them as individuals and families.

The weekend immersion is focused on the multi-disciplinary nature of holistic, authentic wellbeing while giving raw, wild and plant-food and leading-edge wellbeing strategies the cental stage over the two days.

You will learn about the context and core architecture of wellbeing, food, nutrition and more, because we believe that once you understand the core principles of your body, environment, ecosystem, nature and food you will be empowered to make choices that perpetuate your wellbeing, naturally. The course is designed to empower you to lead a healthier, more sustainable, rewarding and playful lifestyle. Because you deserve it.


I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for an amazing cookery course last month. I can’t describe how good your food tastes! Your flavours are magic! And the sweet/salty/sour combo you taught us, that is important for every recipe has made such a difference to my cooking! I have yet to come across any recipes as imaginative and tasty as yours. Thank you for making nourishment so delicious, fun and indulgent

Charlotte, Banker, London

I am still buzzing from yesterday! I don’t know if I’m high on durian and cacao or if it’s the very positive vibes and love that you managed to infuse in all of us. Or both! Whatever it was it was really magical!

Giuseppe, Film Maker, London

Fantastic! Didn’t find what I wanted but I found what I needed to find!

Guy, London