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We weaved together our learnings of the last 5 years running a culinary plant-based school and of the last 20 years in the fields of yoga, meditation, breath and traditional shamanic practices with a purpose of incorporating all that we’ve gathered along the way into a deeper multi-disciplinary study of wellbeing, supported by traditional elemental practices and plentiful of delicious plant-based nutrition.

We pulled together all our latest teaching strategies into this semi-urban two-day retreat (23-24 of September, 2017), seamlessly incorporating body, mind and spirit.

See you there (register below),

Wild Love, Joel & Aiste xx

Thriving Wild: A weekend Retreat

A semi-urban weekend retreat in nature

Wild Wellbeing immersion. Plant food. Yoga. Movement. Cacao Ceremony. A Traditional Sweat Lodge. Holistic practices. Elemental nutrition. Nature. Meditation. Embodying thriving An incredible indoor & outdoor location.

Date: September 23-24, 2017


An inter-disciplinary study & practice of wellbeing

A fun-filled weekend retreat for the complete regeneration of body, mind & soul; and a deep immersion in a multi-disciplinary study and practice of wellbeing, surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature and an uplifting group of people.

Set on the edge of London in a beautiful natural environment yet with plentiful transport links nearby, this retreat has both, the non-residential and residential options for those traveling from further away.

Guided by Joel & Aiste Gazdar, founders of Wild Food Cafe, plant-based chefs and multi-disciplinary wellbeing leaders.
Supported by the legendary Wild Food Cafe team and some very special guests.



Thriving Wild: A weekend Retreat

We acknowledge – heck, we celebrate – the fact that food alone is not enough to bring about the transformative change and happiness in the desired areas of our lives. Inspired by over two decades of our own personal immersion into various fields of wellbeing we bring participants together onto a journey of exploring of what is it that brings about wellbeing & thriving to them as individuals.

Date: 23-24 September, 2017

Location: Blackjacks Mill, Uxbridge, Greater London


Plant-Food Immersion


Expanding your knowledge and understanding: Lectures and practical demos on wild, raw and plant food.

Foraging & incorporating wild, raw and plant foods everyday.

Individualising your plant-based nutrition with Joel Gazdar.

Exclusive supper club with Joel, Aiste and the Wild Food Cafe team.

Elemental Wellbeing

Cacao, breath and sound meditation: A guided journey and study of thriving through reconnecting with the elements

Traditional Native American Sweatlodge: healing & restoration through the elements

Embodying Thriving

A spectrum of yoga, movement and breath-work

De-coding inner-guidance through individualised daily ritual, mindfulness and grounding practices

Support, accountability and guidance in setting your wellbeing goals


Arrival: Saturday 9.30am /
Finishing: Saturday 9pm

Arrival: Sunday 9.30am /
Finishing: Sunday 6pm

Limited residential options available in an old country house mill. Available for an extra supplement of £50 – £80 per night. Enquire directly:

Location: Harefield, Greater London
Nearest overground: Denham (20 mins from Marelybone)
Nearest underground: West Ruislip, Ruislip, Uxbridge (Central, Metropolitan & Picadilly Lines) + a 10-15min uber/taxi ride from there.


I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for an amazing cookery course last month. I can’t describe how good your food tastes! Your flavours are magic! And the sweet/salty/sour combo you taught us, that is important for every recipe has made such a difference to my cooking! I have yet to come across any recipes as imaginative and tasty as yours. Thank you for making nourishment so delicious, fun and indulgent

Charlotte, Banker, London

I am still buzzing from yesterday! I don’t know if I’m high on durian and cacao or if it’s the very positive vibes and love that you managed to infuse in all of us. Or both! Whatever it was it was really magical!

Giuseppe, Film Maker, London

Fantastic! Didn’t find what I wanted but I found what I needed to find!

Guy, London