Q: What’s the format of your programmes?

Thriving Wild Retreat is a two day immersive weekend with residential and non-residential options. We have a good mix of people commuting, and people travelling from further afar staying in the B&B wing of the retreat venue / nearby B&Bs.

Q: Do I need to be experienced to participate?

Thriving Wild Retreat: Not at all! Our students come from incredibly varied backgrounds – from folks that have nothing to do with food, to nutritionists, naturopaths, raw food chefs and heath coaches who want to deepen their knowledge and skill or just to refresh their own excitement.

Professional Chef Training Programme: No food experience is required. However, a strong interest in plant-food is necessary.

Q: Will I receive handouts with recipes/ resources?


Q: Are the courses certified?

We issue professional training certificates for the Plant-based chef & wellbeing leader foundation programme

Q: Are the courses vegan?

The courses are 100% vegan friendly. They are also 100% whatever-your-dietary-preference-is friendly.

We teach about plant-food because we believe it is an essential skill to have that opens so many new possibilities and ups our health and wellbeing game like nothing else. We also believe, that raw and plant food reconnects us back to nature and the food cycle – the transformation which is amazing both for us as individuals and for the whole planet.

We are not strict vegans though – and err towards a relaxed, all inclusive approach and love uniting different camps and finding that sweet spot of balance which appeals to all.

The only animal products we might use in our courses are raw, unpasteurised artisan honey and dairy-derived probiotics, but you can always choose to opt out. 

Q: I have a gluten allergy can I come?

Absolutely, just let us know in advance! We don’t use any gluten products, however sometimes we use miso which technically contains gluten depends on how it is made.

Q: I have nut / seed / other allergy can I come?

Well. We do use a fair amount of nuts and seeds in our recipes, but just let us know – we love a good challenge. Previously we accommodated students allergic to chocolate, coconut, nightshades, onions, garlic – you name it!

Q: Who is teaching the courses?

The courses are taught by Joel and Aiste Gazdar supported by the awesome Wild Food Cafe crew who know, live and breathe raw food every day. They will be able to support and guide you through your journey with practical tips and personal attention. We also host special guest teachers when appropriate.

Q: I live outside of London / abroad can I still come?

Yes. A lot of our students come from all four corners of UK, mainland Europe, and even the Middle East and Australia! Drop us an email and we will send you a list of recommendations of where to stay and what to do when you are in town.

Have more questions? We are happy to answer them. Email us: school@wildfoodcafe.com