Are You Eating High Vibrational Food?

| 14 July 2017

Are you eating high vibrational food?

We are the deciding factor in what makes a high vibrational food because the classification depends on us using our feelings to FEEL how we FEEL & thereby know directly how that particular food makes us FEEL in each moment. Does it make us feel heavier or lighter, happier, or …. sad? Does it give us more or less energy? Is it more or less congruent with our values, beliefs, and heart?

High-vibration food is both the answer to all our questions, as well as the greatest mystery to do with the phenomena of food. … for there is no rigid right answers for one person, let alone every person, with all the infinite possibilities and generic diversity in existence.

It may be different tomorrow. Different during the day or night, spring, summer, autumn, winter. Different in our childhood, in our adolescence, in our adult years, or as an elder. In other words, we shouldn’t be basing our food choices around (over-intellectualization of) pure objectivity, one size fits all.

High vibrational food is a wondrous curiosity that comes from direct interaction with the present moment which is always freshly electrifying and new. 

What is high vibrational food?

High vibration food is about our attitude in our relationship to all beings, aspects, and situations in our life.

High vibration food is free from all neurosis including dietary dogma.

High vibrational food includes the food we feed others with, including that which others are involved in feeding us.

It includes the way we fill our time and space, how we fill our heart, mind, body, emotions, soul & spirit.

It is about how whole-heartedly we live

It includes the books we read and write

It includes the video we watch and record

It includes our friendliness with those we interact with

It includes the songs we listen to and sing

It includes the movement, exercise, and dance we observe & participate in.

It includes making time for making the mundane into the sacred through meditation, prayer, visualisation, incantation, ceremony, ritual, yoga, martial arts, friendship, travel, poetry, lovemaking, watching sunrises, sunsets, skies full of stars, sitting by springs, streams and the ocean and hiking through forests and mountains, and combinations of all of the above.

It means being of joyfully active participatory service to life, our families, communities, and the environment, and the feeling of belonging which comes with it.

Personal Experience

To me (Joel) it is an evolving exploration into the path of living an ever more awakened awareness of the interconnections between all aspects of life…. Including, at one level, the tangible understanding of how my being and body not only functions but thrives.

…and at another level, how a garden not only functions but thrives: a dynamic dance of air, fire, water, and earth… a period table full of minerals, a soil teeming with billions of microorganisms, and thousands of species per square inch. The mushroom domain, the insects, bird, and animal kingdoms all working in co-operation with hundreds of plant species in cohesive complementary companionship with each other.

We as individual points of focus are the origins of high-vibration food, as it is a continuum that has at its heart the bridge between subjective and objective. It is intimately a part of our personal experience and can only grow from a foundation of this direct understanding. Indeed it’s origins are original to the metaphorical fingerprint of each similarly unique individual.

It can include periods of carefully and mindfully abstaining from different foods for different periods of time, to become more conscious of our choices. It also means including new foods continuously, preferably in tune with nature and the cycles of seasons in our present locations, and being creative with new preparation methods. Trying new types of cuisine and choosing to go on a journey of being evermore in love with the all the inputs in our lives, so we can be the greatest expression of creative output and giving forth our creative contributions whether its a meal we prepare, a family we raise, a garden we grow, artistic expression, or world enhancing movement we take initiative on.

High vibrational food is where science and spirit meet, where material and magical meet, where form(art) and function(science) merge as they do in the rest of nature, including the cells of our very bodies.

Follow your Heart

We could say we follow high vibrational food, but that’s just a lesser label for following our hearts, following our path, following our guidance, following wisdom, being in tune with ourselves, and our calling.

Are you ready to follow yours?

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste