Decadent Durian, Young Coconut & Cacao Nib Smoothie

| 2 April 2014

It is our favourite smoothie. By far. We usually have it for relaxed Sunday breakfasts at home. It is the main beverage we consume at wild team parties and birthdays. It is celebratory, it is happy and it is both: sophisticated and simple.

There’ a lot of talk about durian – and not without a reason. We already covered the aphrodisiac properties of durian in our previous blogs.
It is likely that this smoothie will challenge you to take a leap of faith, go the extra mile to acquire ingredients, and familiarize yourself with hmm.. unfamiliar tastes and textures. And that’s what we love about this recipe: playful experimentation and adventure are what keeps us well and youthful!

Like other finer things in life (which we call nectar foods) – good wine, coffee, chocolate, honey, artichokes, olives, oils, and many others – consuming durian is an acquired taste experience. Once you are part of the club, you know it is the best place to be:) If there is an occasion in your life that requires daring, adventurous, sexy, decadent, lush, and heart-opening – this is it. Keep it in your bookmarks folder, for that day will come.

Durian, Young Coconut & Cacao Nib Smoothie (serves two)


2 young Thai coconuts (get them from your health food store, online or from oriental supermarkets)

1 pack of frozen durian (preferably without pits)

1 TBLS wildcrafted honey or 5 small dates

1/2 vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp Chaga powder or extract (optional)

30g cacao nibs

pinch of salt

nothing else


Open both coconuts, pour the water in one container and scoop out the flesh inside with a spoon.

Place coconut flesh in your blender, add dates if you are using them, pour coconut water on top – just enough to cover the coconut flesh and blend till you get smooth coconut cream.

Add the remaining coconut water, two frozen pods of durian (cut in small slices and without the plastic wrapper!), and add honey if you are using it, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Blend again till smooth.

If the smoothie consistency is too thick, add some ice at this stage to reach the optimum consistency and blend.

Finally, add cacao nibs and whiz for a second.

Serve cold, with cacao nibs and freeze-dried durian pieces sprinkled on top. Decadence in a glass. Enjoy!

Bonus: we also prepared a video where we demonstrate how to open fresh durian and coconut – so if you need some practical tips and more encouragement, this is it.

Time for some wild action. We would love to hear from YOU – yes you! Dare to experiment with your taste-buds and get some durian – be it freeze-fried, fresh or frozen – and let us know your first experiences in the comments below! Already a durian lover? Share your favourite way of consuming durian with us now!

Have a wild week!

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xoxo