Do You Have an Acute Case of Avocado Guilt?

| 26 April 2016

Are you a total avocado obsessive but got recently worried after reading how much ecological impact your new-found food love could be making?

Here is why ES magazine’s recent article Clean but Not Green is not providing any positive input or accurate information to the many people that are transitioning to ‘greener’ and more plant-based lifestyles.

Apart from spreading fear and guilt within the budding wellbeing industry, Katie Service is using out-of-context second-hand knowledge of our ecological interconnectedness without any solid ground, or more holistic overview behind it. And that’s confusing.

If you haven’t read the article we will save you time, the main statement it is making is that adopting a green ‘clean’ lifestyle could be damaging to our ecological footprint. 

We nearly spat out our green smoothie when we saw someone in the mainstream publication blaming the global new-found love for avocado, (which is by-the-way, directly related to the slight, but steady, reduction of our meat and dairy intake here in the West. Ref.) for contributing to ecological destruction.

Yes, we as a global organism are just beginning to realise the impact our food choices are making, and our choices – from established, but damaging, farming practices to food distribution – are still very much cumbersome and awkward in absolutely ALL areas of food production. 

Nevertheless, one significant fact is becoming more and more clear…. so clear that everyone should know: there is literally no food industry on the planet more damaging to the ecosystem and to our bodies than a conventional meat and dairy industry

In the said article avocado is blamed for using up 100L of water to get to our table. In comparison, the meat and dairy industries use up 1000L of freshwater to produce ONE single burger. 

Now there’s something to think about next time you wanna ditch your avocado wrap because it is not ‘green’ enough and go for a ham and cheese sandwich instead, don’t you think?

Let’s face it, there will always be misinformation like this floating in the hemisphere.  The one thing each one of us can do is to take responsibility for our knowledge and information that is streaming into our conscious awareness.

We all need to empower ourselves to get to know more about our food cycles and food industry (pretty essential don’t you think since we all need to eat;) so that we do not fall prey to reductionist and fashionable ‘health trends’ on the one hand of the equation, and – literally – infinite cases of inaccurate, confusing and inconsequential information being thrown at us by anyone with a blog, media channel or political interest.  

We leave you with one final thought:

Why are we drawn to focus on the relatively minuscule footprints of plants getting to our table and are not properly introduced to the globally destructive, out-of-control effects of the meat and dairy industry? Watch Cowspiracy here. It is one of the best, informative, and non-judgmental documentary about the path to sustainability.

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Stay wild,

All our love,

Aiste & Joel xx