Eat Your Screen Wild: Introducing Wild Spring Menu

| 9 February 2017

Baked Sweet Potato Slices with Cajun Spice & Garlic Aioli

Wabi-sabi Kale Salad. With creamy kale, grilled butternut squash, seaweed, chestnuts, kimchi

Apricot Sprouted Chickpea Hummus on Sundried Tomato Crackers + baby veg

Bottom Right: What I Did This Spring / Grilled Aubergine & Chicory with grilled red pepper mayo

The pot at the End of the Rainbow: Herbed amaranth, asparagus, truffle, marinated shiitake mushrooms, sweet potato foam, pili nuts

Mystical Hot Chocolate: Pumpkin seed milk, raw cacao, tonka bean, medicinal mushroom, cardamom, coconut whip

Vibrant Green Watercress, broccoli, mint, pear, cucumber, celery, lemon / Think Pink Pomegranate milk, hibiscus, rose, rhubarb, pear, apple / Magenta Magnetism Beetroot, raspberries, lemon, apple, cucumber

White chocolate & goji berry tart

Raw chocolate tart

Coffee with a Bounce Maca, coconut mousse, walnut & algarroba crumble