Field Report: Wild Foraging

| 16 March 2018

Getting back in touch with the source of our food and nourishment has got to be one of the most inspiring and enlivening experiences ever. Be it gardening… or foraging… or even making our very own bowl of fresh sprouts…

As you can imagine, for the team of plant-based chefs, hospitality superstars, and wellbeing adventures who are beaming out the Wild Food Cafe love every day from the centre of urban London, going out to Wild Wales on a foraging adventure and collecting some of our regular menu ingredients with our own hands is so so precious. That is precisely what we did this Monday – the last Monday the restaurant is still closed for the season (we are re-open on Mondays from the 25th of March until November 2018).

We packed our bags, and off we went for a single day trip to Wales to meet our local foraging friend Yun, clear our heads in the fresh sea breeze, immerse ourselves in the elements, and try lots and lots of different wild food.

We hope that you can feel the love, awe, and appreciation that we have for these humble local plants through the images we share. Better still, come and taste them at Wild Food Cafe, we do regularly sprinkle them on our dishes.

If we’ve tempted you to attempt your own foraging project, please read our article about the holistic approach to foraging. 

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste