Five Essential Superberries That Are Readily Available to You

| 18 June 2014

Would you like to feel the vitality, playfulness, and youthfulness of a five-year-old? Eat more berries.

Would you like to have smooth radiant skin, a more robust immune system, and feel rejuvenated and super healthy? Eat more berries.

Watch this week’s video on berries and find out why vitamin C is an essential mineral for beauty, which five overlooked berries you can start introducing into your everyday lifestyle today and we are also sharing some bonus natural skin care tips that will transform your skin without costing you millions.

Part 1

Part 2 of this video will be released next Wednesday.

Now onto this week’s raw food inspirations, with berries of course.

There are some mornings in everybody’s life that deserve special celebrating. This is an idea for one of these mornings. (psssst: works equally well in the evenings:)

Raw Cacao, Coconut & Berry Breakfast Platter

serves 2


punnet of organic cherries

punnet of organic strawberries

1 fresh raw cacao pod (available in well-stocked grocers, such as Clifton Greens)

1 fresh young coconut

2-3 TBLS of wildcrafted raw honey or honeycomb

1 tsp of Chaga powder or extract

fresh jasmine flowers


This is a free-reign for your imagination and creativity. Choose ingredients that are your favourite and use as many berries as possible:) Have fun & play. Scoop the soft flesh of the coconut and serve it with pieces of berries and honeycomb and drizzle with some wild honey and some Chaga dust. Use a ceramic knife if possible to avoid oxidization and preserve the delicate life-force of the ingredients.

Now we would like to hear from you! What is your favourite WILD berry? Tell us where you forage it and what amazing stuff you make from it! Let’s be berry:)

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xoxo