Flowing with the Seasons: Autumn Menu Preview

| 8 September 2017

Call us crazy, we change the menu at Wild Food Cafe every three months, and it ain’t a small undertaking by any means, every time! It is a full-power team mobilisation that consists of months of planning, preparation, testing, costing, feedback, repeating and improving, designing and training – all while running a busy day-to-day service.

Why do it then?

Staying true and at being at the leading edge to our seasonal rhythm and creative flow.

To continue innovating and improving what we do.

To continuously offer delicious inspiration to our guests

To be the ambassadors of nature’s work and possibilities that open up from looking more attentively into the seasonal flow, into local and global ecosystems, and the part we play in this whole process.

To celebrate and appreciate the harvest season

To provide best possible nourishment + deliciousness factor  for our bodies, minds and souls

And to continue playing, exploring, learning, having fun in the kitchen, discovering, expanding our horizons.

To remind ourselves and all our guests about the cyclical nature of time and space, which is so easily forgotten in busy urban environments.

To continue living our mission of transforming humanity’s relationship with food

So here it is, our Autumnal feast, digital edition, at your disposal.

Queen of the Forest. Seared plantain stew. Black rice & Amaranth. Camu Camu. Raw Cacao Nibs.

Canellini bean humus + veggies

Pad Thai Canapes with lush almond butter sauce

Tigers Roar: Sweet Potato Toast, British Carling (maple) peas, green olives, dulse

Wild Mushrooms on Toast with Home Made gluten free Buckwheat Bread

Beet & Squash Carpaccio with Walnut & Mushroom Balls

Wild Whip / Planet of the Grapes / Divine Pine / Grounded Juice

Peach, Goji & Grapefruit Sunflower Cream Pudding

Hug Me Cozy Hot Chocolate

Autumn drinks edition