Forgotten Ecstasy: The Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie Experience

| 24 October 2019

Since the day we opened the Wild Food Cafe, we have heard many stories of guests traveling from far and wide – sometimes coming straight from the airport – to enjoy a glass of Forgotten Ecstasy. It is the best cacao smoothie of all time.


170g cacao paste

500ml cold water (plus extra)

200g chopped dates

1 tbsp maple syrup

50g coconut meat

1 tbsp maca

1 tbsp he-shou-wu

. tsp salt

200 ml of coconut water

Garnish: chocolate sauce



Add the cacao paste and water to the Vitamix and blend until both ingredients are fully

combined and you reach a smooth consistency with no grainy texture. Be careful not to

overheat the mixture. Add the dates, maple, coconut meat, and blend until smooth. Add the

powders and coconut water followed by 500ml of water (up to the 2L mark) and blend until

smooth. To serve, line a glass with chocolate sauce and fill with smoothie mix, top with

chocolate sauce to decorate.


Recipe from our brand new book WILD: plant-based recipes to nourish your wild essence. To order click here.

To Taste it yourself book a table HEREĀ