Four Holistic Strategies to Exponentialize Your Thriving

| 5 January 2016

Happy New Year Beautiful, Wonderful, Unique, Wild People!

Don’t know about you, but one of the most favourite – and natural – things for us to do during Christmas and New Year period is to spend some quality time hibernating with the loved ones, giving thanks, remembering the year past; visioning, mapping and setting goals for 2016. So that’s what we did – and so far, the transition to 2016 feels the best ever.

We can tell you that at Wild Food Cafe we are working on a brand new, a lot more focused, simpler, and more creative menu for winter that is all about the celebration of ingredient, nutrition, and flavour. In the education department, we have a busy year of workshops, courses, and retreats – this year we will venture deeper into the nutrition & holistic wellbeing than we have ever dared before and we will be taking you along for an adventure.

But enough about us – let’s talk more about you.

For 2016 we came up with FOUR simple strategies to exponentialize your thriving not just for January, but for life. Please find a summary of them below or watch the full video here.


The importance of personal practice

This speaks to self-control, discipline, and all areas where our standards could be raised. Take the initiative to make some time in your busy life to do what matters to you the most. Take up a practice dedicated to your journey of wellbeing. Choose to have one raw meal a day, a daily walk, journaling, meditation or explore internal practices such as choosing to become more appreciative or give thanks every day. It works like magic.



Be more zen, enjoy more nothingness. Both in terms of food and the stuff we expose our minds to on a daily basis. Even the healthiest food is still a strain on the body. Living in a culture geared towards over-consumption one of our biggest problems is not knowing when to stop. Fasting is an excellent way to restart our body, to allow more space to observe how our body is doing and how well – or unwell – we are. It tunes us in, connects us to our intuition, and allows us to ask a question: why are we eating so much? Whether we are feasting on animal products or the greatest organic raw superfoods both can be too rich for our bodies in large amounts and clog our systems. Fasting leads to a more sustainable balance. Of course, remember to fast mindfully and gently or with guidance from an experienced facilitator if required.


Break our of your food comfort zone

If we stay in a groove too long it becomes a grave. ‘Newtrition’ means we are meant to try new stuff all the time and be present with our body, from a fresh perspective of constant curiosity, playfulness, and learning. Commit to trying a new ingredient or a new meal for each week of the year. It will expand your skillset and understanding of what food actually does to your body. The leading edge of vitality is being a trail-blazer. Dare to be one and inspire people around you to try something new as well. Remember to increase the quality of food as well a variety as well and most importantly, do not get too serious about your journey. Stay open, stay fluid, stay playful. Continuous celebration and appreciation of food is the most important aspect of all long-term wellbeing.


Remember Nature

Commit to spending more time in nature. It helps dissolve all the static and is a perfect balancer and medicine for our lives. Nature heals; the sounds, the shapes, the forms. It is enriching and fulfilling. Long-term wellbeing is not possible without nature being a big part of it, because we are a part of nature. The sooner we include nature as the main pathway to wellbeing, the more ease, flow, and power we will find on our wellbeing journey. So let us commit today to spend more, regular time in nature.

Watch the full video here with the four strategies here:

Happy New Year Wellbeing Explorers!

Aiste & Joel xx