Friday Night Raw Chocolate Cookie

| 25 February 2014

You know that very special magical feeling of something sweet, cozy, and child-like that makes you totally content and happy? A mix of sweet childhood memories, fragrance, with a tinge of lush naughtiness and wild playfulness.

We present to you one of our most beloved (totally raw, happy, playful and naughty) chocolate cookie recipe. You know, the one you, like us, will be making for Friday night at home – before jumping into your favorite pajamas, curling up in bed and watching a movie. With your Beloved, a pet, a movie, and a cookie. Perfect harmony. Perfect magic.

Totally gluten-free, totally indulgent, and well, totally raw and awesome.

Friday Night Raw Chocolate Cookie

(serves 2)

43g soaked pecans (soaking optional)

43g grated cacao liquor

2g vanilla essence

15g coconut sugar

4 drops liquid stevia

4 drops of coffee extract (medicine flower)

15g coconut oil, melted

40g fresh raw ground oat powder

pinch of sea salt


Grind pecans by hand in wooden mortar & pestle (food-processors are also allowed!), put them in a separate bowl. Grind oat groats in the same way and add to your bowl with pecans. Add coconut sugar, cacao liquor flakes or chips. Melt coconut oil, add vanilla essence and stevia to the coconut oil and pour it over the rest of the dry ingredients. Add salt to taste. Kneed the mix by hand till it sticks together.

Shape your cookies in your favourite cookie or mini-tart molds and let it sit in a fridge or freezer for a few hours to set.

It is time for some wild action now. In the comments below tell us what is your favorite Friday-night-at-home indigence? Also do do do share with us your experiences with this recipe or any other favourite, naughty, happy, raw (or not) dessert that brings you back that very special childhood magic feeling in your belly. We would love to hear from you.

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xox