Happy Birthday Aiste! (from Joel)

| 17 August 2017

7 years ago today I met The Queen of my Heart and am feeling so appreciative of the blessed experience of instantaneous flight upon the wings of luminous love. We met just a few months before deciding to open Wild Food Cafe together! Here’s a small tribute to express a little bit of what she is and means to me and all of us at Wild Food Cafe and the wider community. Happy Birthday, Beloved!

She embodies the radiance of Goddess-ness, bringing the universal solution flowing, glowing, growing, and showing the full-spectrum reflection of sublime union.

She is always blowing my heart and mind ever-wider to how self-realisation, liberation, and activation can be so potently perpetuated in a raw and relentlessly real relationship.
WOW! Just seeing you and being seen by you is an experience beyond description. A reminder of how vast the ineffable mystery’s love is for every one of its children.

She is such a fiercely compassionate force in all the communities she pours herself into -bringing new meaning to living and giving wholeheartedly.

She carries, cultures and creates the vision of perpetuating paradise through abundantly acknowledging all our relations ((((The WHOLE of existence as FAMILY))))

Giving me space to authentically be more of my true self than ever before, whilst being loved no matter how much I can get caught up in my own knots.

Thank You for being the beaming beautiful beacon of the infinite shades of love.

For the bounty of being able to co-create with the sacred fire of your flaming heart.

For keeping me laughing my head off & heart out through the most challenging of times.

Thank You for being the brightest badass bride and boldly benevolent adventure buddy on the block, always keeping the pulse on the purest path.

For being the sunshine chef at the centre of the creative cosmic soup, making sure everyone is served with the most deliciously delightful devotion.

Thank you for the most courageous joy, intensified by the dynamism of discipline and dedication to making the seemingly impossible look like it’s come to fruition with gorgeous gracefulness.

For bringing so many friends and family together for celebrations in song, dance, cacao, and sacred sweat lodge ceremonies for the thriving of all.

I give thanks for you receiving all which is required for fulfilling and furthering your flowering fruition for the benefit of all beings. I pray that my life may be an offering of ecstatic appreciation to Great Spirit for the gift of each moment of our journey together.

Thank You to all our inspiringly incredible ‘Wild Family’ for celebrating her.

And here’s to us all celebrating our loved ones – family, friends, and partners – for the miracle that they are and for the unique sparkle they bring to our lives.

With Celebration & Appreciation,