How to Bring People Together For a Raw Feast

| 30 January 2014

We had the most phenomenal, fun & feasting filled class on Tuesday evening the glimpses of which we wanna share with you. We were making raw pizzas and the whole thing turned into such a buzzing social feast! We all made raw pizza bases together in the kitchen and then everyone got creative (veeeery creative) with their pizza toppings.   Our toppings list included: four different raw ‘cheezes’, marinated young coconut pieces, marinara, pesto, fresh tomatoes, olives, wild rocket, flavoured oils (such as garlic oil or rocket oil), marinated artichokes, palm hearts, ‘smoked bacon slices’ made from aubergine and olives, marinated mushrooms and more! The possibilities are endless!


Meals that are all about sharing and co-creating together like raw pizzas or tacos are perfect for bringing friends together for some quality time that you will always remember. It is also a great idea for raw potlucks, picnics, and family gatherings.

Here’s why:

Food is medicine if taken with a high-vibe attitude of appreciation and joy. Food is the key to people’s hearts – it brings people together, it heals, it nourishes and uplifts – especially if it is food made and enjoyed from the heart. Especially super amazing, creative, nutrient-packed, fresh & vibrant living food.

It is all about playfulness and fun.

So what are you waiting for? Do use this inspiration for creative, playful social meals! Bring your friends over or organise a potluck or a gathering in the park and you will be amazed;)

With lots of hearty hugs & pizza slices:)

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xoxo