How to Release Stress and Get Your Power Back! A simple guide to bring more clarity and balance to your life

| 17 December 2020

“Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

You cannot pressure the grass to grow, nor the flower to bloom. The process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly takes time and struggle, the caterpillar has to struggle in order to build the strength to fly, and when it flies ohh does it fly so wonderfully.

Stress is a harmful thing when there’s too much of it and too often we are feeling too stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and I’m sure you know those feelings all too well, so I won’t go into further detail about them. However, I would like to open up a discussion, share my thoughts and ideas and suggest simple ways that allow us to feel powerful, calm and balanced when we are faced with challenging situations, as these situations are objectively inevitable. Moreover, the negative health implications of unmanaged stress are so important to prevent and it’s why I’m so motivated to share these insights with you. 

release stress

Firstly, I’d like to clarify how most of us have never been taught how to manage our energy, let alone stressful energy, usually we are taught to think in terms of time. Thinking in terms of energy instead of time, however, can really support us, it is a new (for most) and useful perspective that I know everyone can benefit from. For example, if you have a deadline for your job or for uni-work, don’t get caught up in thinking about the time that you have to do it, that will add to your stress, drain you and worry you, the time is important to know but not to focus on. Instead, think and feel in terms of how much available energy you have, this gives you a better sense that you have the power to move things forward, because in fact you do have agency over your energy and you are able to generate more of it. Think “How much energy do I have? How much energy does this task require? And will I need to generate more energy in order to complete my task?”. Thinking this way will remind you that you do actually have the energy you need to create and produce your work. And, if generating energy seems like something you don’t understand, just realise that your energy is always self-generating and sustaining itself, re-energising you the whole time, you’re doing this without being conscious of it. So, you can definitely do it being conscious of it. When you do think of time though, as we must, think of how much of it you have and allow it to inspire you and assure you. So thinking in terms of how much energy one has, is one of the ways I like to decrease my stress when I’m working and increase my certainty that I can complete what I’m doing. 

Secondly, I’d like to suggest that you give yourself permission to give yourself power. We are so quick to give our power away, I want you to give it back to yourself. To give yourself all the power you need, the belief, the certainty, the strength, the action, give yourself the power to give yourself these qualities you need. So often, we are underestimating ourselves and we limit ourselves, we think we can’t do something before we’ve even tried, so we don’t bother as we’ve said to ourselves we can’t already, however that’s not the reality, what if we say to ourselves we can, does the same logic apply? Well, I believe so, I believe that we have the ability to create whatever we want and to do and be whatever we want. If I want to be strong, I believe I can be and I’m not going to take that away from myself, I’m going to give myself the power to be strong instead. When we are experiencing stress, the ability to give ourselves the power we need is essential in order to overcome it.

We do need, however, to be patient and persistent to be powerful though. And I’ll be completely honest our lack of patience is one of the key causes and triggers of our own stress. So, if we understand that we add to our stress by being impatient and in a rush to finish something, then we can understand that by being patient and calm, we can remove the stress of doing something. After all, Mother Nature did not create the wonders of earthly life in seven days…

If it’s not work-related stress, identify what it is, what is causing your stress, is it an environment? People? you? Whatever it is, go to a place that you know relaxes you. Get out of your stressful environment, away from stressful people, to a place that holds you, so that you clear your mind, your energy field and give yourself the space and time to sit and breathe and think and relax. Once you’re relaxed, set in your mind that you have the power to manage your environment (whatever it is) that’s causing you stress and transmute it. Stop and breathe and relax, before you get to the point where it’s too much, where you can’t handle it and you give up and get into bed and watch Netflix. Then set your intention to persevere and trust yourself. Which is simple but not always easy.

Keep moving, preserve, and balance between moving at a fast pace and slow pace, this will make the journey easier and more fun. Understand that balance is going to happen anyway, so you might as well be conscious about creating it in your life. Balance between high intensity and low intensity, fast and slow, when we are stressed we tend to be going very fast, so we need to remember and change our course of action to go slow, then when we need to speed up, speed up. Stress and pressure are synergetic, they go hand in hand, sometimes stress is an increase in energy, often when we are stressed it is because there is something we need to produce, create or do and if we need to create or produce something, there is always pressure involved, and intensity, so that whatever it is can come through. Just remember that there is pressure when something is being created and trust that pressure, trust the process, trust yourself.

Below are some simple affirmations based on what we’ve been discussing that you can utilise at any moment, depending on what you need, whether it be patience, perseverance, balance, trust, or more energy. Take the moment to say these affirmations with your eyes closed, feel your energy reaching out wide from your heart center and affirm them with your will on your mind. Affirm in your mind that you can, be certain, with no doubt, that you can and only use your will and belief on your mind to make it happen. Do not mistake using your will on your body, will works only on the mind.  Use these affirmations to set your intentions and trust they will support you to take care of it. Trust that you have the power to create and manifest thought into matter and you will. You will soon believe and see for yourself that you can manifest what you want. Remember though, you must affirm these thoughts so many times so that their vibration reaches your subconscious and becomes a part of you.

Make sure to take deep breaths whilst saying these affirmations as that will help you to reach the deeper levels of your consciousness and your subconscious. Don’t forget that if you release anything, release it with love because everything you give, you get.

Affirmations for overcoming stress:

“I am patient”

“I will persevere”

“I have all of the energy I need” or “I have infinite energy”

“I am my own power source”

“I am balanced, and I keep moving fast and slow”

“I trust myself and my path”

“I trust this energy moving through me”


Alternatively, make your own affirmations that resonate with you, write them down and repeat them over and over again until they reach your subconscious and start to manifest. I would love to hear what works for you, so, if you’d like to go ahead and share them with me on I can’t wait to connect with you!

 “The butterfly is only beautiful because the caterpillar is brave.” –  t.m.t

So be brave beautiful one and remember the caterpillar needs to struggle in order to build the strength to fly.

With my love and appreciation,

Trinity xx



I’ve made a bonus list of some other magical ways to release stress for you to explore.

Bonus list:

  1. Write in a journal – this is where you can explore and identify what is causing you stress and release it from inside of you, onto a piece of paper, which is outside of you.
  2. Listen to music (and dance!) – music is food for the soul and dancing releases and moves stagnant or tense energy in your body
  3. Exercise regularly – releases and moves stagnant or tense energy in your body
  4. Meditate – brings clarity, peace, certainty and much more to your body, soul and spirit
  5. Go to a spa 😉 – the benefits of a spa day speak for themselves
  6. Eat nourishing, lovely and healthy food – you feel great from the inside out this way
  7. Talk to a close friend who you trust – this is the best when you really can’t do anything and need someone to hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay, because it is, you just couldn’t see it in that moment
  8. Talk to a therapist – expert advice and guidance can truly support you in overcoming your challenges with stress
  9. Paint – release your emotions through creativity and see a direct reflection of your inner world
  10. Find someone you love to laugh with and laugh! – laughing releases endorphins = happiness
  11. Spend time in nature, walking and breathing fresh air – always clears minds and balances body, gives you space to think and breathe
  12. Do some breathwork – purifies your energetic and emotional body, check out Wim Hof on YouTube if you don’t know how to practice breathwork yet
  13. Light a candle or sit by a fire – we’ve evolved sitting around a fire and being warmed by its nature, fire is a primal sense of security and comfort, your DNA will recognise it’s benefits
  14. Aromatherapy, if you have a diffuser, put some of your favourite essential oils in it and breathe in the beautiful smells – this will certainly relax you.
  15. Hug a tree – absorbs negative ions and releases stress, same with earthing/grounding yourself
  16. Spend time with animals – brings pure joy
  17. Do one of your favourite hobbies e.g. swimming, cycling, playing an instrument etc