Iced Cold-Brew Coffee with Frothy Almond Milk & Tonic Herbs

| 23 July 2014

Cold-brewing is a very simple method of coffee extraction that is way gentler and the results are soft-tasting, alkaline, and better for our bodies. Remember to always choose high-quality coffee. Some coffee brands out there specifically focus on alkaline ph balance of their coffee beans, even if they are roasted.

Combining cold-brewed coffee with natural sweeteners and plant-based milks, instead of the standard milk-and-sugar package we receive at the coffee shops, ensures that we not only experience a pick-me-up from coffee but also gain nourishment and lasting energy from added ingredients.

Finally, and very importantly, coffee is a catalyst able to quicken our thoughts, emotions, metabolism, boost energy levels, improve mental focus. When coffee is mixed with tonic herbs we are able to experience medicinal benefits of tonic herbs quicker and more profoundly.

Tonic herbs are two-directional (rather smart) and are safe to consume. They give you energy, mental clarity and boost the immune system when you are tired and relax you when you are over-stimulated and stressed. These include power-herbs and medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Fo-ti, Ashwagandha, Pau d’arco among many others.

Coffee, similarly to chocolate, is able to absorb and disguise the taste of these medicinal herbs making it very easy to incorporate them without compromising the flavour of your drinks.

We combine all these aspects to create this week’s recipe, which is our hot summer days staple at Wild HQ and also, often a smoothie Special at Wild Food Cafe.

Cold-Brew Coffee with Frothy Almond Milk & Tonic Herbs

(serves 2)


50g freshly ground, good quality coffee

250ml water for cold-brewing

4-5 soft dates

1 TBLS coconut palm syrup or maple syrup

1/2 vanilla pod

1 TBLS raw almond butter

1 TBLS raw coconut cream (mana)

pinch of salt

Chaga extract or tincture (up to you how much you’d like to add!) or any other tonic herb extract or tincture.

1 – 2 cups of ice

1 pint of water.


To cold-brew your coffee:

Pour ground coffee into a big container, add 250ml of water, mix well, and leave soaking in the fridge overnight.

Next day use a nut milk bag or a very fine mesh to strain the coffee brew. You can also use paper coffee filters in a ceramic dripper to ensure that your coffee is super-smooth and doesn’t have any grounds left.

In a blender add dates, almond butter, coconut cream, scooped out vanilla seeds, and cold brew coffee, just enough to cover all the ingredients. Blend well. Add the rest of the water, ice, pinch of salt and tonic herbs, blend again, and serve immediately.

Use maple syrup or coconut palm syrup for extra sweetness.