About us

Between the two of us, we have over 30 years of personal experience in integral practices of wellbeing, including raw food, herbalism, nutrition, astrology, yoga and other holistic movement and personal development practices. We both benefited immensely from switching to a plant-based way of eating in our late teens. We have been fortunate enough to travel in all four directions and have been apprenticed to many traditional peoples of knowledge from different cultures of the world, from Ayurveda in India, Tibetan and traditional Chinese medicine, European herbalism, African herbalism and the global shamanic cornucopia and plant medicines of South and North America.

In our lifelong immersive exploration of food and wellbeing styles from around the world, we intentionally chose a path less trodden. We celebrate and specialise in those natural plant foods, ingredients, practices and methods that haven’t been fully appreciated and explored, or haven’t received as much attention as the current go-to everyday staples. We are not caught up in the reasons why one should or shouldn’t be vegan or plant-based. Wellbeing and thriving is about so much more than what that concept can convey. Simply put, our aim is to innovate a new generation plant based cuisine that brings the most benefit and least suffering to each and every one of us, and in a way that is the most nourishing, fun, delicious and inspiring. Other than that, we choose to let the deliciousness of the food and the wisdom of the wild do the talking.

Under the creative collaboration of Joel Gazdar and senior head chef Thet Min Tun, every dish in the wild kitchen is meticulously thought through, not only to be totally delicious and tick all the culinary flavour, texture and colour boxes, but also to provide solid nourishment and a medicinal or wild factor. We make everything from scratch, using as many wild, unusual, medicinal spices and superfoods as we could pack into one recipe. We respect seasonality and the natural rhythms of the cosmos. We directly engage with small scale organic and biodynamic growers and ethical foragers that care about their craft as much as we do about ours. We are in love with a fusion of wild and local British ingredients as well as some flavour packed global influences.

With all the food explorations going on, it has always been crystal clear in our hearts from the very beginning that the most important ingredient is the vibe. The love, intent and awareness of the person making and serving the food needs to be shared with the guest receiving it. That’s alchemy. Our intention is to bring back the original meaning of a restaurant, a community place to restore; to create a home, a family, a wellbeing space in the centre of town, where good vibes and the plain simple celebration of life are perpetuated by all. This thread is very much at the core of everything we do to this day. For us, a conversation about food has to begin and end with a loving intention, kindness and care. The intent and awareness of the person making and serving the food needs to be shared with the guest receiving it. That’s alchemy.