Kombucha Mojitos the Wild Way

| 23 September 2014

We just had to share this simple, innovative, refreshing, and super healthy Mojito recipe that you WILL LOVE!

Alcohol-free. Unless you count Kombucha as alcohol (it can get a little boozy sometimes, especially the homemade varieties – whoops). Or add extra shots of rum. Otherwise – you are safe. Safe, happy, and satisfied. Your cocktail-loving friends will totally appreciate this flavorsome take on Mojito. Enjoy – Celebrate Life!

Kombucha Mojitos the Wild Way


1/2 lime

A small handful of fresh mint leaves

2 tsp of coconut sugar

coconut palm sugar syrup (to taste)

kombucha (store-bought or home-made)

sparkling spring water

crushed ice

extra lime for decoration

optional (medicinal mushroom tinctures such as reishi or Chaga; turmeric)


Chop 1/2 lime, mint, add sugar and muddle all ingredients in a glass to release flavour. Add coconut sugar syrup to taste (20-50ml). Finally pour kombucha with some sparkling spring water over crushed ice. Decorate with lime.

Enjoy life!