Medicinal Uses of Cacao and How to Harness Them in Every Day Life

| 15 February 2014

Wild Approach to Cacao

The world had for many years forgotten the medicinal and mystical properties of cacao and started calling it cocoa – while continuously refining it, mixing it with white sugar, mass-produced low-quality milk powders, preservatives, taste enhancers and all sorts of other fillers. Up to recently, that’s what chocolate meant to all us. Something sweet, refined, obviously unhealthy – to satisfy our sweet cravings.

Raw cacao sneaked back into the world slowly and unexpectedly, on the shoulders of a wider raw food movement. God bless raw foodies for this!
One of the many benefits of the raw food diet is that it makes one more in tune with the natural world, one’s own senses, and the environment. In the search for better quality, unprocessed cacao, raw food enthusiasts – together with Wild Food Cafe’s executive chef Joel Gazdar – stumbled upon the wonders of raw cacao – unrefined, natural, nutrient-packed version of the common cocoa.

Cacao reintroduced itself to the modern world as an amazing mood enhancer (active components Anandamide, also known as a bliss molecule, and Tryptophan are responsible for this) that can support the first steps out of depression, boredom, apathy, lethargy into self-love, enthusiasm, happiness, and love.

It is also an amazing heart opener used not just for the taste factor, but also therapeutically for couples, groups, and communities, healing emotional and mental traumas and allowing modern men’s hearts to shine through, reclaiming the strength and courage to live fully and authentically.

Cacao (especially organic, fair-traded, wild, or single estate) comes from a very bio-diverse ecosystem with rich soil. No wonder it is super rich in minerals and phytonutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc (among many others). Cacao has the ability to boost the immune system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, sharpen the mind, and improve mental focus. It is also a great aphrodisiac. Read more about it here🙂

Attention: Cacao, used consciously and for its medicinal benefits, can aid weight loss, balance hormones, and support healthier habits, such as the introduction of more plant foods into your everyday diet. Cool or what?

How to Consume Cacao Consciously and Medicinally?

By the raw product and make sure it is organic, high-quality, fair-traded, from a sustainable company or producer. Be it raw cacao powder, liquor, butter, or nibs – be sure to investigate your sources and choose quality. Quality, fair-trade, organic choice means that producers and importers care about the integrity of cacao’s journey from the jungle to the consumer. Integrity matters when using cacao medicinally and ceremonially.

Use cacao to make your own raw chocolates (we run raw chocolate workshops and there is plenty of information online), desserts, and smoothies but be sure to use quality ingredients to match your cacao. Coconut sugar, dates, dried fruit, nuts, virgin coconut oil, vanilla, xylitol, nut butters, avocado, fresh berries, and wildcrafted honey are usually good and well-deserved companions for cacao.

Add other medicinal ingredients to your Cacao ingredients – be it superfoods and/or tonic herbs. Common foods that go well with Cacao are Maca, Lucuma, Mesquite, and Spirulina. Tonic herbs such as Ginseng, Fo-ti, Ashwagandha, or Pau d’arco. Finally, use medicinal spices such as turmeric, cardamom, fennel, chili, and others. Use your imagination and let yourself play for the sake of your wellbeing!

Raw Cacao at Wild Food Cafe

Ok, so you have gathered by now that we really, really care about cacao. In the cafe, we went as far as getting our own cacao grinders (conch) to be able to produce pure chocolate from bean to bar, no middlemen, no confusions.

We also grind our own fresh, organic nut butters and mix them with raw cacao liquor to produce soft-centered pralines (a definite favorite in the team wild:).

Finally, we use freshly ground and tempered cacao liquor in cakes and desserts to create a wildly decadent experience of chocolate that is great for your body, mind, and soul.

All this using just coconut sugar, nuts, dried fruit, herbs, spices, natural vanilla extract, and…. wild love for chocolate.

It is Wild Wednesday and we invite you to explore your chocolate experiences this week. What chocolate do you eat and why? Maybe you make your own? In this case – bring more awareness into cocoa. Meditate on the effects it triggers in your body, mind, and heart. Explore the spirit of Cacao without you. Food of the Gods. Just for you.

Leave your comments below – we can’t wait to hear your chocolate stories!

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xxx