Five Important Reasons Why We Are Not a Raw Vegan Restaurant

| 9 August 2013

We have a confession to make.

We were meaning to share this since the day we opened our doors, but all our energies and focus were on making delicious food creations.

So here it is, brace yourself: we are not a raw vegan restaurant.

Let us explain:

We are absolutely head-over-heels in love with plant-based food. We love it. Adore it. We invest a lot of our time and energy exploring different plant-based possibilities. We Innovate. Expand. Create. Play. All with beautiful plant-based ingredients.

We do empathise deeply with the intentions and ideals of vegans and raw-food enthusiasts. Joel has spent over 15 years in both of these camps himself and the Wild Team always have people on different paths of their own nutritional journeys: be it vegan, raw, vegetarian or omnivorous.

Naturally, we make a small minority of people really upset by being all-inclusive and serving some whole-heartedly prepared cooked food and by using some high-quality organic & biodynamic dairy.

Fact is, we could easily run a fully raw vegan kitchen. However, we chose to do what we do for a few important reasons:

Our mission and vision is to share amazing, mouth-watering, uplifting food that makes you go WOW – and pack it with as many nutrients, mineral-rich foods, colours, flavours and love as possible.

Food that makes you open your mind, that goes beyond the clichés of vegetarian, vegan or raw.

That goes really to the core what food and nourishment is about. That inspires, that makes you happy, that makes you wanna share it with friends, make something new at home.

That nourishes your vast, expansive, glorious soul.

We love playing and experimenting and staying light-hearted about the whole ‘nutrition’ and ‘right’ & ‘wrong’ thing (more about that below). If we want to blanche something we will. If its colder outside & we feel like making a hot soup we will. If we feel like making a highest-quality-artisan-grass-fed-organic-unpasteurised mozzarella-based sandwich we will. And we will feel happy about it. We love what we do!

We are passionate about bringing the best quality ingredients from all spectrum of nutrition to the table. That includes wild foraged leaves from Wales, slow-cured unpasteurised olives from a lovely family in Turkey, the best quality biodynamic eggs from a small eco-community farm in Sussex, and some cheese and milk from Neal’s Yard Dairy: an awesome small company that promotes high-quality, artisan producers that love what they do. (We love spreading awareness about high-quality products produced with extra high-standards of animal welfare in mind so that more people wake up from consuming ‘factory farmed’, mass-produced products).

We realised that we inspire so many more people to expand their wellbeing and explore their everyday nutritional choices by being chilled, laid back, and all-inclusive about the food we serve at the café. We spread our ideas and vision far and wide by focusing on creating what Kriss Carr and many others call “plant-passionate” dishes and forgetting about the politics, dos and don’ts, rights and wrongs.




We love seeing people relax and get into their playful, happy state when they realise that it is probably ok to have a bit of cooked food or a bit of the highest-quality dairy if that’s what their body wants!

Do let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback about your experiences being or not being strictly raw vegan and how it makes you feel about other people’s nutritional choices. You can contact us via our Facebook page, in the comments below or via email at

Needless to say, we do successfully serve vegan and raw guests every day, we strive to mark all our creations as clearly as possible and you can always notify our team of your dietary preferences and individualise your meal the way you and only you imagine it.

We leave you with Joel who writes:

I observe that although I have met some of the healthiest (by which I specifically mean overflowing with happiness and vitality) people eating plant-based raw food I met some of the least healthy (and most neurotic) people preaching the same concepts sometimes professing as teachers, authors and experts. Wellbeing, like all of life, is a very multi-dimensional expression.

These experiences, concepts, and movements can be great tools to help us along our journey and provide reflection for introspection and deeper inner guidance to emerge. At the same time, if we become too serious about them or attached to them, they can be our downfall and our ball and chain.

Nutrients and nutrition are wonderfully liberating and potent allies. Neurosis about nutrition or any other part of our lives comes from externalizing our wellbeing. We create our wellbeing through the vibrant aliveness of our consciousness, and the life which flourishes from it: more and more vibrations of unconditional appreciation, joy, ecstasy, love, expansion. Any other external factor, including food, is important, however: secondary.

I have seen people who eat what-some-may-label toxic junk food being considerably happier than some people who are extremely intellectually educated in nutritional philosophy.

Our search for balance and centre in nutrition continues, since the centre itself is always moving, but now it is a fun, continuous exploration for us.

It is about listening to the lightness of our inner being and bodies and not having rigid rules. A thing that was the best for me yesterday may not be even worth me considering today. A diet that was serving my body a year ago, may not be serving me now. For me it is all about playful experimentation and asking the questions: ‘Is this really the most ecstatically fulfilling choice for my body?’ ‘Would I really loooove to do this- will I really enjoy the vibe which is left in its wake?’ ‘Body, what would you like to enjoy today?’ – and really listening to and being thankful for direction this playful adventure leads us today.

With open-hearted smiles & appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & The Wild Team xox