Nourishing Desserts

| 31 August 2016

Today we’d like to share about the power and energetic of the hidden superstars in our Summer Menu desserts. Our showstoppers this season are a Raw Blackberry Cheezecake with Maca Pecan Crumble and a Raw Lemon Verbena Fresh Fruit Tart.


Maca is a staple in our kitchen and one of the more recognised superfood stars. This root vegetable grows in the mountains of South America against unbelievable odds – despite the altitude, merciless sunlight, below-freezing nights and fierce afternoon winds, the roots survive and even dare to thrive. These stressful growing conditions imbue the plant with the wisdom to teach us how to deal with stress. This manifests as a food packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as a history of boosting energy and libido – key survival skills! It has a ‘bi-directional’ action – meaning it will give you more energy if you’re sluggish or calm you down if you feel ‘wired’; it can assist the regulation of oestrogen and progesterone in a woman’s menstrual cycle and also boost testosterone and libido! Maca is truly equal opportunities and will help anyone. We try to include maca daily because it has the nutrition of food with the energetic healing properties of a herb.

Lemon Verbena

Whilst for Maca we must travel to South America and learn from the wisdom of their traditions, Lemon Verbena is a herb commonly grown in UK gardens and part of our own European tradition of folk medicine. In fact, Druids treasured Verbena and in Roman times Verbenalia was a festival dedicated to the herb, held in July. As the herb was dedicated to the goddess Venus, it was included in love potions so this might be the dessert for sharing on date night… Medicinally Verbena has been used to calm nervous disorders such as anxiety and insomnia and soothe digestive issues connected to stress or nervous tension. Associated with the solar plexus and throat chakras, Verbena can help us after trauma (such as a loss) or in any situation where we need to feel strengthened, centred and calmed. Verbena brings balance, objectivity and solidity to those who are easily swayed by the influence of others and need to find their own voice.

If you haven’t checked out our summer menu yet, there’s still time and now you can choose your dessert not only with the flavours in mind but also a little info about how every aspect of our ingredient selection is chosen to offer deep nourishment.

by Hannah-Phoebe Bowen