Our 8 favourite Venusian Foods for Inner and Outer Beauty

| 20 April 2020

“Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” 

We would love to highlight our favourite foods connected to the planet Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Venus encompasses the qualities of abundance, love, and happiness.

Most Venusian foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs, not so much due to their sexual appeal, as for their Venusian ability to beautify and harmonise. Therefore Venusian foods are essential for our inner (and outer) beauty, self-love practices and are, of course, deeply nourishing. 

Beauty blossoms in all that Venus touches, be it the flavours, aesthetics, or our relationships. We invite you to take a moment to tune into her frequency and embody this timeless archetype as you journey through the foods below. As always, food provides us the most practical and tactile step for this connection, and so, this is where we begin:

Seasonal, Local & Wild


A very powerful source of spiritual energy that encourages balance and harmony. If cut horizontally, it reveals a pentagram pattern, considered the gateway to magic and the symbol of quintessence. It is also used to foretell the future.


Asparagus has always been considered a potent aphrodisiac. At Wild Food Café, we seek wild varieties of asparagus and we also use Shatavari, the medicinal root of asparagus, and one of the most famous plants in Ayurvedic Medicine.


The large flower bud of a wild thistle plant. It is said to encourage personal growth and protect from negative elemental energies. Artichoke bottoms were once thought to have a very strong sexual stimulating effect.

Wild Garlic

Garlic is one of the most widely consumed wild plants in Europe since human history began. The plant’s common name of “bear garlic” comes from the belief that bears ate wild garlic to regain their strength after a long winter’s shamanic hibernation.

From Further Afield… 


Sacred to Buddha and considered one of the most spiritually charged and elevating fruits. In this menu, we are celebrating Alphonso mango, which is the most celebrated, delicious, juicy, and tasty variety of Indian mango.

Wild Rice

This is an important traditional food source for Native American tribes. Considered a sacred gift from the Creator, the culture hero, or a special rice spirit, there are many native rituals associated with the wild rice harvest.


Although Cardamom is usually assigned to Venus for its aphrodisiac qualities, it is also related to Mars due to its warming and stimulating properties. Frequently found in love charms, it can be very effective in magical protection and is said to uplift the spirits.


One of the oldest herbs used for medicinal purposes, it is worked with therapeutically and added to foods for its distinct and beautiful aroma and flavour. Also used in spiritual and ceremonial contexts.