Our Top Gemini Foods for Great Mental Health

| 10 June 2020

At the end of May, we entered the sign of Gemini – just as the sun starts peaking in its ascend towards the highest point of the Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). There is an aura of excitement, expansiveness, playfulness and creativity associated with this time of the year, very well embodied by the magic and the currently heightened activity of the bee. 

In our bodies, Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, the lungs, and the hands. Also, anything to do with breathing and nervous systems. When we look at the foods related to Gemini we look at the herbs/ foods that are strengthening and balancing for these specifics areas of our bodies, also herbs associated with Mercury: anything to do with the mind, mental clarity, our ability to focus and concentrate, our ability to have a peaceful, focused and inspired mind, good memory, mental health, harmonious and flowing communication. Finally, we look around to see what’s actually growing and in the season to complete a more holistic understanding. 

Mercurial Herbs are either stimulating and improving mental alertness, like the local peppermint to the master brain herbs from further afield: Ginkgo, and Gotu Kola, or calming and soothing like lavender and valerian in case our mind is too active.  Mercurial herbs are especially valuable and useful for those whose lives involve the written or spoken word. Mercurial herbs also help inspire clarity, whether its for meditation, or for a time in your life that might be saturated with confusion and/or spacey-ness. 

Let’s dive in:

Peppermint & Verbena: The scent of Peppermint speaks to the power of Gemini to enliven the mind and spirit to inspiration.

Peppermint assists with mental focus and is very useful for clearing out brain fog and bringing us to a space of lucid groundedness. The herb is tension relieving and is a great herbal ally for releasing nervousness especially when it settles in the stomach and intestines. Additionally, the Peppermint is useful in cases of nervous tension headaches and migraines.

Dill: This magic herb is ruled by Mercury and thus thought to strengthen the brain. It calms the mind but sharpens concentration. Because it is an airy, fragrant plant, it is also sometimes considered an Air herb. This big friendly plant has been used as a herb since ancient Egypt, is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and was used by the Romans, who spread it throughout Europe. 

Gingko (Gingko biloba) One of the biologically oldest trees in the world, this master brain herb that is used both to increase mental function and to soothe the lungs and respiratory tract in case of imbalances. Best to start your relationship with Gingko by making herbal teas using dry leaves, or a tincture. 

Lavender: Although not in season yet, lavender is the most excellent calming plant for the mind, especially for those with tendencies for anxiety. We suggest lavender essential oils for baths or dry lavender in tea. At Wild Food Cafe we used to make Lavender cake, which was a total hit!

Rosemary: Rosemary’s connection with memory goes back to ancient Greece, where students sniffed it to help them in their studies. It is known to sharpen and focus the mind and support the nervous system. Use it as a culinary herb, in a bath infusion, a tincture or essential oil. It is one of our most loved herbal allies and we frequently use it both in culinary recipes and for meditation/ritual baths. 

Currently in Season in tune with our bodies’ natural rhythms: Asparagus (mind kidney cleanser), Strawberry, Wild Horsetail (excellent kidney cleanser & tonic), herbs (dill & parsley in particular) and salad greens. 

Enjoy this season of Playfulness, Creative Communication & Expansion!

All our Love,

Aiste & Joel