Pine Nut, Mulberry & Pear Smoothie

| 21 January 2015

Divine Decadence filled with nourishment and wonder. That’s the most accurate description we could come up with for this delicate, refined natural beauty. Yes, we are still talking about food here:)

Pine nuts are so creamy, smooth, and nourishing – providing loads of energy and healthy fats – while mulberries are decadent, deliciously caramel-y, and fudge-like.

Combine these two beauties together and you get a divine smoothie material. That’s exactly what we are sharing with you today.

Pine Nut, Mulberry & Pear Smoothie


(serves 2)

25g white mulberries
2tsp /5g acerola extract powder
30g pine (cedar) nuts
1 cup spring water
1TBSP vanilla essence
1 cup ice
15g tsp honey or maple syrup
2 ripe pearsĀ  (approx 300g)


If you have a high-speed blender such as Vitamix or Nutribullet you can just chuck all the ingredients together and blend. Otherwise, soak mulberries and pine nuts (separately) for 1-2hours. Drain pine nuts.

In a blender first blend soaked mulberries, pine nuts, and sweetener with enough water to cover the blades. Then add pear, vanilla, ice, and acerola cherry extract and blend again.


With much Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel, Aiste & the Wild Team xoxo