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The menu is fully plant-based and follows the pair’s philosophy of a lifelong immersive exploration of food and wellbeing styles from around the world.

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Dating Advice The Wild Food Café team said their main focus is to enlighten people about the fact that plant-based foods can be healthy and tasty at the same time.

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Whether it’s for their coffee or one of their raw/vegan food options, the Wild Food Cafe tops our list of incredible, environmentally-friendly eateries in the UK.


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With ingredients sourced from local independent suppliers, organic producers as well as wild-foraged foods, and all dishes prepared on site, you can definitely trust exactly what you are eating. But most of all we love this café because you can sense that the staff, the chefs and everyone else eating alongside you just loves it too.

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Located in the colorful and vibrant Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden is the plant-based restaurant Wild Food Cafe. Though small, the menu is always changing and packed with colorful and playful dishes inspired by places all over the world.

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“Giving myself time, care, and attention in the morning has been crucial to significantly reducing my stress levels and consistently increasing my capacity to perform, have clarity, and take action.” -Aiste Gazdar

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