Probiotic Pink Borsch Summer Soup

| 21 May 2020

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Sharing a recipe of our all-time favourite, super simple, super hydrating summertime cold soup staple from Lithuania: cold Borsch. Takes 5-10 mins to make and is so so delicious, packed with probiotics and cleansing superpowers. Trust us, you need this soup in your life this summertime, especially if you are a fan of a humble beet!



Serves 2

1/2 tub (approx 250ml) of coconut yoghurt

1,5 cup of water

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

pinch of unprocessed sea salt

half a long cucumber, chopped in quarters

a generous handful of fresh dill, chopped finely

4-6 fresh spring onions, chopped finely

4-5 radishes, chopped finely (optional)

120-150g of raw probiotic fermented beetroot or any marinated beetroot



Blend yoghurt, water, olive oil and salt in a blender to create a base for the soup. In a big salad/ soup bowl add chopped cucumber, radish, dill, spring onion and beetroot. Pour the yoghurt base on top. Mix well. Serve cold with some freshly boiled or baked new potatoes!


All our Love,

Aiste & Joel