Boysenberry Granules 500g


(Rubus Ursinus) Native to North America, these berries are cross-pollinated from three other berries: the raspberry, the blackberry, and the loganberry.

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What Are They?

Boysenberries are native to North America and is a product of the cross-pollination from three other berries, the raspberry, the blackberry, and the loganberry. Its fruits are large, dark purple, juicy and intense, with a distinct flavour profile. Boysenberries have a sweet, floral aroma derived from its raspberry grandmother and a wine-y tang from the three blackberry species.

Nutritional Content & Health Benefits 

Boysenberries contain a hearty source of manganese and dietary fibre. They play a huge role in boosting memory, significantly improves your digestive health and assists in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Furthermore, they can also help in increasing bone strength and is exceptionally beneficial for pregnant women as well as their babies!

How Can You Enjoy Them?

Boysenberry granules can be added in your smoothies, your yogurt bowls, or your granola pots. They can also be easily incorporated into your favourite desserts to add an extra flavour. They can be added to jams, preserves, muffins, cobblers, granola bars, and anything that your creativity can come up with in the kitchen!