Cacao Butter Peruvian Criollo, Organic


Raw cacao butter is perfect for home made raw chocolate, also in smoothies, raw cheesecakes and other desserts. It is also an amazing natural moisturizer for skin and hair. We absolutely love stocking this raw cacao butter for its high quality, uncompromised ethics, mineral-rich content and endless guilt-free creative possibilities in the kitchen.

Raw cacao butter is a cold-extracted oil of cacao bean which sets at the temperature of about 20C. Basically, raw cacao mass minus the cacao powder. It is an ultimate ingredient for homemade raw chocolate creations. However, its versatility extends way beyond that.

It is an essential ingredient in setting any raw desserts (cakes, fudge, mouse, bites, energy balls, creams, icing, etc). Cacao butter is also a luxurious ingredient for smoothies adding that extra nice silky texture. Just be sure to use it warmed, in a liquid state and use it as the first, base ingredient.

Finally, it is most definitely our go-to natural moisturizer with the most enchanting, natural chocolate fragrance. Try it for yourself and you will love it!

Cacao (especially organic, fair-traded, wild, or single estate) comes from a very bio-diverse ecosystem with rich soil. No wonder it is super rich in minerals and phytonutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc (among many others). Cacao has the ability to boost the immune system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, sharpen the mind and improve mental focus. It is also a great aphrodisiac. Read more about it here.

We source our Peruvian cacao with quality management in mind, from producers committing to healthy, high-quality cacao. We are committed to fair trade, which helps to promote better income distribution among the farmers by advancing timely and fair payments and by being aware of the social responsibility for the welfare of people involved. The farmers nurture the trees, handpick the cacao pods, and separate the beans for fermenting. After a carefully controlled fermentation process, the cacao beans are sun-dried to retain their natural qualities. The beans are then hand-peeled, before further processing into nibs, paste, butter, and powder. Chocolatiers and artisan chocolate producers have used Peruvian cacao to create the world’s finest chocolate products. Peru’s cacao products are used for the best chocolate in the world. Criollo beans are soft and pale pink in color and their taste is delicate and complex. Criollo beans are famous for their richness in secondary flavor notes, long flavor duration, and a greater and more complex fat content.

Raw cacao butter is perfect for homemade chocolate, also in smoothies, raw cheesecakes, and other desserts. It is also an amazing natural moisturizer for skin and hair.

If you love cacao as much as we do, read our article about medicinal uses of cacao in everyday life here.

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Store in a dry, cool place in an air-tight container.