Raspberries, Dried Organic 500g


Sweet, soft, pink fruit (Rubus Strigosus). A delicious summertime staple when fresh. These dried versions are just as tasty and can be stored significantly longer!

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What Are They?

Raspberries are native to Asia, but are now found in several places! It is a sweet, soft, pink, and summer fruit that many of us absolutely adore. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most consumed foods on this planet. This one fruit can fulfill several of the nutritional requirements that you need in a day, despite being extremely low in calories.

Nutritional Content & Health Benefits

One cup of raspberries only has 64 calories but provides more than half of the RDI for vitamin C, which is crucial for immune function and iron absorption. These red fruits are also potent antioxidants that could help to reduce the risk of diseases. An interesting study highlighted that diabetic mice which were fed freeze-dried raspberries showed much fewer signs of inflammation and oxidative stress compared to the control group. Raspberries can hence aid weight loss, decrease signs of aging, and even reduce risks of arthritis. (Luo, T., O. Miranda-Garcia, G. Sasaki, and N. F. Shay. ‘Consumption of a Single Serving of Red Raspberries per Day Reduces Metabolic Syndrome Parameters in High-Fat Fed Mice’. Food & Function 8, no. 11 (15 November 2017): 4081–88. https://doi.org/10.1039/C7FO00702G.)

How Can You Enjoy Them?

Fresh raspberries have a short shelf life, but dried organic raspberries can last for months which makes them an ideal ingredient to keep at hand. There is a great variety of ways with which you can enjoy them – from topping your morning bowl of porridge, adding them in salads, sprinkling them on pancakes and waffles, or even making a fresh fruit cocktail, they’re bound to taste delicious.