Wild Baobab (Ground) 500g


Africa’s tree of life, Baobab is the fruit of the tree and is similar to coconut in appearance.

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What Is It?

The Baobab Tree grows in Australia, the Middle East, and various parts of Africa. Traditionally, baobab has been utilised to treat several diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, fever, diarrhea, toothaches, and dysentery.

Nutritional Content & Health Benefits

Baobab helps to stimulate the immune system and they are extremely rich in calcium. They are also said to improve your digestive health, support the immune system as well as improve your skin health! Because of its soluble fibres, consuming baobab exerts prebiotic effects which promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. Moreover, it may aid weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness.

How Can You Enjoy It?

For an easy, convenient, and delicious way to consume your daily dose of baobab, you can mix the ground baobab into your favourite beverages like juice, tea, and smoothies. You can also sprinkle them on top of your granola and yogurt pots for an extra dose of antioxidants.