Raw Beet & Pomegranate Soup

| 9 March 2018

Raw soups can often be an enigma. What ingredients to use? How to get the flavours right?
When playing with live ‘active’ produce, sometimes, just one ‘wrong’ ingredient can send the whole project in the wrong direction.


Raw soups also happen to be an awesome, easy going source of nutrition and allow us to enjoy liquid nourishment without the emphasis on the sweet flavour (which is often the case with the smoothies).

This week we are sharing a yummilicious recipe of a raw soup that we think you will love. Use it to brighten up your days: it will give you plenty of grounded energy without leaving you feeling lethargic or heavy.

Beet & Pomegranate Soup


(serves 2-4)

600g of pomegranate seeds, freeze half in advance

1 peeled beetroot
3-4 TBSP sunflower sprouts
The flesh of half a fresh coconut
The water of a whole fresh coconut
2 TBSP pomegranate vinegar
Half an orange  (optional)
3 heaped TBSP white miso
1 heaped TBSP hemp butter
1 heaped TBSP walnut butter
2 TBSP olive oil
4 TBSP liquid minerals (optional)
1/2 head of red cabbage (optional)
1tsp harissa
Half tsp sea buckthorn oil
50g alfalfa & fenugreek sprouts
A handful of frozen goji berries
1TBSP Camu Camu
1tsp liquid smoke
Salt to taste
2 cups 80C degree water


In a Vitamix or another high-speed blender first blend the hardy ingredients (frozen and fresh pomegranate, beetroot, coconut flesh, goji berries) with just enough water to start off the blending. Blend well till smooth. Add all the remaining ingredients, water and coconut water and blend again. Adjust the flavour if necessary. Feel free to use warm chamomile tea instead of water for an extra medicinal, soothing effect and flowery flavour.

Decorate with fresh pollen
Pom kernels
Truffle Oil
Chopped parsley
A couple of goji berries
Black pepper

Serve with raw crackers.

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste