Raw Chocolate Tart – The Wild Way

| 9 February 2017

Chocolate. Cake. Avocado. Combine all those together and you get something truly magical. Alchemical. Something that has a power not only to nourish and satisfy but also uplift and expand. Used wisely and with a heart (a.k.a. not as an everyday meal replacement, but as an uplifting bite of deliciousness, whenever our intuition calls).

It also happens to be a version of the most popular dessert at Wild Food Cafe for a reason.

We taught hundreds of students at our Raw Food & Wellbeing Immersions on how to make one of these bad boys at home. And now we are sharing it with you.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your special, decadent treat. Meet the nut-free chocolate tart. (Needless to say, it is all-plants, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and just downright delicious).



11⁄2 cups almonds or coconut chips

1 cup dates (or chopped up figs, or any dried fruit except goji berries)

3 tbsp coconut oil melted
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp cinnamon
1⁄8 tsp salt


Blend all ingredients in a food processor (the final texture is up to you) and press into a springform cake tin. Place cake tin in a fridge or freezer for 10 – 15min or while you get your filling ready.

Cake filling
1 avocado
50g cacao powder – (buy it here)
25g lúcuma
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla
40g coconut oil (melted)
60g coconut sugar
3⁄4 cup of almond milk
50g creamed coconut (melted)


In a food processor blend the avocado until smooth, then add all other ingredients. Pour mixture over the base and leave to set in the fridge. Decorate with fresh raspberries or cacao nibs.


With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste