Raw Dinner Ideas: Fennel and Carrot Salad With Seaweed and Walnuts

| 31 January 2014

Amazing raw food dishes don’t have to be complex. It is all about textures, good ingredients, simple flavours, and attention to detail.

To celebrate this occasion, abundance of raw, fresh, living foods, and sunny days we created a simple yet yummilicious recipe for a fulfilling lunch or dinner.

This salad is medicinal, rich in protein, and trace minerals.

Seaweed is wild and rich in trace minerals and polysaccharides while greens… you know greens:) They are awesome for you 🙂 ( They balance your blood with magnesium, calcium, and iron included). Finally, fennel is super rich in antioxidants, it is calming and anti-inflammatory.

Onto the recipe now:

Fennel, carrot and marinated spinach salad with seaweed and walnuts

You will need:

1 organic fennel

1 organic carrot

a handful of walnuts

a handful of fresh seaweed such as nori, wakame or kombu

1/2 a bunch of organic spinach or baby spinach

for the spinach marinate:

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 clove garlic

1/2 shallot

2/3 sundried tomatoes (pre-soaked)

black pepper to taste

pinch of salt

5 TBSP Olive oil

for the dressing:

2 TBSP Cold-pressed pumpkin seed butter

2 TBSP water

juice of 1/ lemon



Start with washing and de-stalking the spinach. Chop it up lengthwise and put aside in a bowl. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon, finely chopped garlic, shallot, sundried tomato, salt, pepper, oil, and massage till spinach looks wilted. Be quite generous with the salt here as salt, together with lemon juice softens the spinach and makes it more digestible.

Use a potato peeler or spiralizer to make thin, transparent carrot ribbons. Then chop fennel in small cubes and mix together with carrot and walnut in a separate bowl. Add soaked and washed seaweed cut into long “noodle-like” strips. Mix in the spinach into the rest of the salad using all the leftover marinade from the bottom of the bowl.

Finally the dressing: In a small bowl mix pumpkin seed butter with water, lemon juice, and a bit of salt – make sure the consistency is runny enough but not too watery. You want a lush, creamy dressing.

Serve as it is or with a handful of good quality olives for extra yumminess.

Small tip: this same recipe can be used to make wicked miso soup. Just add two TBSP of unpasteurized miso paste, and 0.75ml hot or warm water and you have the most amazing, flavorsome, probiotic soup!

Enjoy! x