Rewilding in Wales: Field Report

| 30 November 2016

How often do you remember to get your multi-tasking, overthinking, hardworking, civilized self to stop and spend some time in nature allowing yourself to naturally reset and recharge?
We are all of nature, and nature has the power to reset all the struggles, challenges, and problems we might be going through at any moment while being gently supported by the wild healing power of natural elements. Reconnecting to nature plugs us into our innate intuition and leaves us feeling whole and a whole lotta more mindful.
It is the best medicine and a permanent retreat facility at our disposal (and it happens to be free).

Last week we ventured to Wales for a quick rewilding trip to collect wild spring water and plan some exciting retreats fro 2017/2018 and ended up skinny dipping in a gushing cold river in the middle of the Welsh wilderness and camping in a tree-house under a pitch-black starry sky with nothing but the sound of a waterfall in the background. Sounds extreme? Try for yourself;)

Here’s our field report

And the links to the places we visited, so you always have an option to rewild too!

Spirit Horse  – a perfect place to re-wild off-grid offering a rich summer/autumn program

Quiet Earth Eco Retreat – a strawbale off-grid eco-house for those seeking a few days of a quiet retreat with amazing views.

Centre of Alternative Energy – a great place to educate yourself on what’s possible

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber

Tycanol Wood – Ancient Oak Wood

Dolphin Spotting

and much much more:)

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste