See What Our Students Have to Say

| 21 November 2016

“I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for an amazing cookery course last month. I can’t describe how good your food tastes! Your flavours are magic! And the sweet/salty/sour combo you taught us, that is important for every recipe has made such a difference to my cooking! I have yet to come across any recipes as imaginative and tasty as yours. Thank you for making nourishment so delicious, fun and indulgent.” Charlotte, Banker from London, (May 2014 Immersion)

“I am still buzzing from yesterday! I don’t know if I’m high on durian and cacao or if it’s the very positive vibes and love that you managed to infuse in all of us. Or both! Whatever it was it was really magical!” – Giuseppe, Filmmaker from London, (June 2014 Immersion)

“This experience has changed my life in terms of my relationship to food and my understanding of what using the right foods can do for my body. I have experienced a mind-altering and body-changing experience that has set me on a path of wonderful deliciousness. Thank you all so much.” J.S. (October 2012 Immersion)
“It was amazing! It was everything I was hoping for and more. I loved the lectures and found them incredibly interesting, informative, and close to home. Really hoping that there will be a follow-up.” (February 2013 Immersion)

“Everything you have said over the last 2 days has been spot on and I am thankful for finding this course and finding someone that “gets it” I have met so many people who have claimed to know what they are doing that just send you round in spirals and what I have now is clarity and focus…..thank you” Sarah Walsh, London (July 2013 Immersion)