Wild Tips for a Thriving Immune System

| 11 March 2020

When it comes to thriving immunity, it is essential to remember everybody is designed to have a vibrant immune system. It works in a lesser state when our mind, body, and emotions are blocked and disconnected, or if we feel heavy, stressed, and fearful. When a body is allowed to thrive naturally, we experience wellbeing naturally. When it comes to our bodies and minds: we create our own obstacles, and we can be the perfect remover of our own obstacles: responsibility and empowered self-care are key. So let’s dive in and see where we begin!

Start with the basics: our bodies.

To keep our bodies thriving optimally means not clogging it up with stuff that is difficult to digest, including over-indulgence in heavy thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings. A clogged up being creates an environment that breeds a sluggish system and lower levels of vitality: a perfect setting for bacteria and viruses to thrive. So, tip number one is to eat lightly and mostly raw: wholesome ripe fruit and seasonal veggies with lots of naturally hydrating fresh produce such as sweet and sour ripe, organic fruits as well as non-sweet varieties like cucumber, courgettes(zucchini), greens, sprouts, etc. In essence, keep things flowing and keep things light.

Positively interacting with our environment is crucial.

Let’s remember we are interconnected beings and do not usually thrive in isolation. A lot of our immunity, strength, and vitality comes from our direct, tactile connection to the earth, nature, and the elements. After all, breath is our first source of nourishment and regeneration, and the shifting seasons affect how we feel, and how we are in a pretty significant – rather fundamental – way.

So, what do we do?

If you haven’t established a personal practice of deep(ly enjoyable), conscious breathing, maintaining a vibration of lightness through culturing the simple presence of a smile 😊, or any kind of breathing that reconnects you with the elements, and makes you feel regenerated and expansive, now is the time! The best occasions to breathe consciously are every moment, but especially when you find a moment of solitude in nature, in your garden, in your park, in the mornings before you start your day and, in the evening, as you retire for the night. Take time to reconnect with your breath and feel, tangibly, the power and nourishment of air for your body and mind. It is priceless and Free! You will find more practices to engage with your breath and the element of air in our book Wild: Plant-Based Recipes & Rituals to Nourish Your Wild Essence.

Also drink plenty of fresh water, better still if you manage to get yourself to a real spring, and drink some spring water! Tone your body with regular cold showers: it is the best free toner for your immune system and the firming of your tissues! Spend time moving your body in nature, be it a long walk, jogging, or yoga: engage with nature and allow it to make space in your being to feel your intuition. All of these practices will raise your vibration enough to support you in making better, more tuned-in decisions on your daily food choices and your self-care practices. All of this comes full circle and supports your immune system to its natural thriving state, from the inside out in a way that is always empowering to you!


Once you feel like you’ve engaged your whole body in a regenerative and connecting practice in alignment with nature, the elements, and your self-care, we have this crazy good and very simple recipe to boost your immunity further. The main ingredient: wild nettle. You can use fresh (since it is spring, and there’s plenty available if you know where to find them) or as a dry herb (available at health food stores and herbalists or online). The trick is, all foods that are naturally rich in iron will support your body in feeling amazing, and that’s our goal. Feel free to make this tonic every day. Nettle is the most undervalued botanical ally growing in our neighborhoods. There are no limits to how many of us could benefit from including a relationship with this powerful, vibrant, and vigorous plant spirit.

The Recipe

Wild Immune Booster (makes 1 portion)

10g dried nettles or 30g of fresh nettles

half a lemon, without a peel

6 dates

1 TBLS of tahini

pinch of dried of ginger

300 ml of freshwater


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend well. Adjust the consistency by adding more or less water.

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 With all our love, celebration & appreciation,

Joel & Aiste x