Strawberry, Young Coconut & Cucumber Caprese

| 4 June 2014

We are fascinated by a recent discovery of a whole new way of combining and mixing strawberry flavour. The first time we tried it, we mixed it in a salad with cucumber and finely sliced Jerusalem artichokes. We were amazed.

Strawberry is refreshing and flowery and goes so well with more ‘savoury’ ingredients. Then we dreamed up this dish – for those of you that don’t like eating tomatoes, cheese and/or both – it is a perfect summer Caprese alternative: dreamy, intriguing and uplifting. Happens to also be raw, vegan and night-shade free. Enjoy!

Strawberry, Young Coconut & Cucumber Caprese

(Serves 2-4)


1 punnet of organic strawberries

1 fresh young Thai coconut

1/2 cucumber

5-6 dry shiitake mushrooms (pre-soaked)

3-4 sundried tomatoes (pre-soaked & optional)

a handful of dried, black olives, pitted

fresh basil and chives

a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil

a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper


To preserve most flavour use a ceramic knife to slice all the ingredients. Chop sundried tomatoes finely and leave them aside for extra flavour. Open the coconut and carefully scoop the ‘flesh’ out using a spoon. Cut the flesh into round pieces. Arrange all ingredients on a plate, sprinkle with sea salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs. Enjoy!

Now we would like to hear from you! Do you have unusual ways of combining well-known ingredients? Apples and salt? Strawberries and cheese? We would love to hear your authentic ideas. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let’s get this party started.

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild team xoxo