The Medicine of Every Day Life

| 10 March 2017

How do you find balance in everyday life? With crazy multi-tasking, pressure, unknowns, constant distraction, and a generous amount of successes and failures – all while reaching towards our goals?

Nourishing our bodies with the best (plant-based) food available to us is just one of the many tools in our pocket. In our opinion, it is never the only nor is it the most important toolkit. The nourishment of our bodies, minds, and souls is a deeply holistic affair and so the tools that tap into the stream of true nutrition are many and multi-faceted, reaching out towards a lot broader definition of ‘food’. ‘Food’ being everything that we nourish ourselves with.

So what is the ‘food’ that can support us in navigating through the ever-changing waters of our daily lives intact, being the best, most thriving version of ourselves?

See the Blessing in Everything

We live by this mantra. Everything is a blessing or a blessing in disguise. Any experience, no matter how intense or challenging, can be a huge personal catalyst for us, as long as we find meaning or a blessing in it. The more we practice this on a daily basis, the more masterful we become at flipping the coin. We can see every experience from multiple angles at once and turn every experience into a blessing/blessing in disguise to propel us on our path. Like every muscle in our lives, this one gets stronger with daily practice.

Find Your Centre through Ritual 

It is much easier to navigate life’s currents if we have a solid centre of our own Self to refer to. Discover and nourish your centre, that deep feeling of your self. Radiate from there through deepening daily personal rituals such as meditation. We also recommend gentle exercise, journaling, walking in nature, and other holistic mindfulness practices.

daily rituals

The Medicine of Every day 

In all daily situations, remember and utilise the tools you were already born with:

We are always one long, conscious breath away from feeling lighter, releasing any tension, and calming down the mind. We are always a few moments away from looking up to the light of the sky, or the sun, and remembering the spaciousness, freedom, and perspective of all things. We are always a few minutes away from a piece of grass or ground to touch and release our accumulated electromagnetic stress into the ground and reconnect with the perfection of the present moment. We are just a few conscious gulps away from hydrating ourselves and letting go of any stuck emotions with the deeply clearing and purifying properties of water.

The simple elemental technology, the ‘food’ in a true sense of the word is always available to us and works every time – use it.


With Celebration & Appreciation,

Joel & Aiste