Top 5 Food Ideas For This Winter

| 25 January 2022

Winter is all about being cosy indoors and sharing comforting foods with our loved ones. From steaming pies to comforting desserts, here are our Top 5 Food Ideas for this Winter!


1. Raw Chocolate Tart

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From Day 1, this iconic recipe has been on our menu at Wild Food Café. This nut-free chocolate tart is perfect for any chocolate lover. Made with ingredients like dates, coconut flakes, coconut oil and avocados, it will not only satisfy all your chocolate cravings but also nourish your body! Get the recipe on page 100 of our WILD book.


2. Upside-Down Chestnut and Pine Nut Pie

chestnut pie recipe

This recipe is a MUST for this winter because who doesn’t love pie?  A heavenly combination of caramelised raisins, chestnuts and pine nuts, it is sure to win the hearts of anyone you make this for. Decorate this upside-down pie with some rosemary sprigs and extra pine nuts for an extra touch! Find this recipe on page 120 of our WILD book.


3. Kimchi Soup

kimchee soup recipe vegan

Sweet, sour and tangy. This Kimchi Soup is the perfect warming recipe that’s filled with probiotics to aid digestion. The tanginess works up your appetite, with a subtle sweetness coming through to comfort your taste buds. Made with goji berries, tahini and tamari, it is bursting with nutrients to up your immune system this winter. Click here for the full recipe!


4) Dosa with Slow-Cooked Aubergine

Aubergine Dosa winter recipes

Mmmmm warm, toasty dosa paired with creamy slow-cooked aubergine. Who wouldn’t want that for a winter meal? This winter dish is perfect for those slow weekends when you roll out of bed and need a nourishing, savoury brunch to wake you up. It brings so much fun, variety and flavour into your kitchen! You can choose your own toppings and fillings to add to the aubergine – the possibilities are endless. Find the full recipe on page 165 of our WILD book!


5) Roasted Vegetables and Madeira Wine Gravy

gravy and veggies

This is the perfect dish for all occasions that are wintery and social. Wow your friends by making this delicious vegetable roast! Made with leeks, chestnut mushrooms, carrots, tomato purée and kombu, it’s a wholesome, warming meal that will leave everyone feeling happy and satisfied. Click here to get the full recipe!


We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 selection of food ideas for this winter. Keep warm and happy cooking!

Written by Leia Liew