Top 5 Spices/Herbs for The Holidays

| 13 December 2021

Holiday foods are all about spices and herbs. They add the fun and flavour to all our dishes!  This holiday season, many of us will be gathering with our loved ones, bonding over delicious cooked meals. Over here at Wild Food Café Team, we want to help you add that extra warmth and interest to your dishes by sharing our Top 5 Holiday Spices/Herbs.


cinnamon Christmas spices

The natural warmth and scent of cinnamon have ensured that it is still widely loved and consumed. Adding a wonderful touch to pastries and even savoury food (like the Luscious Living Laksa in our WILD book!), you cannot go wrong with this spice. It is also normally used to make mulled wine, adding extra coziness to the drink.


Christmas spices winter fenugreek

Not many know of Fenugreek, but this is a spice that you do not want to sleep on. Though this spice starts off with a subtly bitter taste, it ends with a lingering sweetness in your mouth. This spice adds depth to neutral ingredients such as potatoes, and it balances out spicy flavours, which is why it is so popular in curry recipes. (we use it in our Raw Wild Curry in the WILD book!) This holiday season, use Fenugreek to give a unique character to your roasts!


Rosemary herbs winter Christmas

Rosemary helps to add a Mediterranean flair to any festive dish! Here at Wild Food, we use it in our Upside-Down Chestnut Pie. This herb is perfect for any stews or roasts, adding a piney aroma to your dishes and elevating them to the next level. Here’s a little fun fact about rosemary: it’s a plant that grows as an evergreen bush, which can grow up to 2 to 6 feet in height!


Christmas spices herbs

Ginger does not only have amazing health benefits, but it is one of the most widely used spices. Unsurprisingly so, given that it can be used in basically everything. It’s a must in baking biscuits and left-over turkey curry. It can also be used to make our Mushroom Tikka Sweet Potato, which is a perfect, winter or holiday dish! (recipe found in our WILD book)


peppermint herbs spices

One of the many reasons that we love mint is because of its versatility.  From peppermint hot chocolate to peppermint chocolate chip ice cream, this herb can be used in almost anything. If you’re thinking of whipping up a special dessert this holiday, simply add a touch of peppermint! With a cooling delightfully sweet aftertaste, peppermint is a herb that you want to keep in your pantry this holiday season.

 Written by Leia Liew