Transforming Humanity’s Relationship with Food & The Clean Eating Movement

| 26 January 2017

We’ve been actively involved in the world of food and holistic wellness for over 25 collective years. Sometimes extremely and radically so, sometimes very liberally, sometimes contradicting ourselves; often coming at it from different polarities and meeting in an ever-moving dynamic middle-ground; sometimes breaking all the rules, sometimes with great results, sometimes with really disastrous smoothies and dips left over. Always experimenting, always committed to deliciousness and playfulness in the process. Always with a sense of lighthearted fun in our hearts.

Our mission:

The single most important thing we’ve learned on this journey has become the mission statement of our enterprise, its vision, and is now infusing everything we do:

It is not the food on our plates that we need to transform or tinker with. At least not to until we are irresistibly inspired to do so. It is not the abstract nutritional and molecular count of our lunch plate that we need to focus on. At least not obsessively so.

It is a mental trap of our modern minds and doing so will not bring us to any life-changing revelation or provide a lasting sense of happiness. People have been eating since the beginning of time and will be eating forevermore. More or less, we are going to be OK. 

On the contrary, the food on our plates is a direct reflection of our relationship with ‘food’. ‘Food’ taken in a broader sense of the word, meaning any input we choose to feed our being with. 

It is our relationship with simple yet sophisticated phenomena of food that is central to what we do. By transforming this relationship we have the power to experience lasting transformations in all areas of our lives.

See how you relate to the following:

-What is the food you choose to feed your body, mind, and emotions with?

-What is the food you choose to feed your belief systems with?

-How do you feed your most important relationship – with your self?

-How do you feel eating the food that you are eating?

-How do your personal, moral, ethical, and global values influence this relationship?

-Are they congruent or contradicting your daily food choices?

-What attitudes or ideas fuel your choices of food?

-And, finally, who is the biggest influence in your relationship with food?

-Is it you or someone else?

-How would you truly love to relate to all ‘food’ that you eat?

-In turn, how do you choose to ‘feed’ the world around you?

It is so much more than just ‘food’. It is the central relationship of our lives, from which stems much bigger, much more important relationships with the whole world. Food is the only most tangible physical substance that we constantly ingest and utilise from the outer world – and apart from sex, it is one of the most intimate and powerful actions that we take every day.

It affects so many things apart from the optimal functioning of our body. With every bite of food, we are casting our vote on:

-personal matters, such as: 

Will the way I eat this food make me feel lighter or heavier? better or worse? clogged up or clear? bloated or not? is the way I eat this food an expression of wellbeing? or is it, honestly, my way to deal with my emotions? Which version of myself am I feeding? am I confusedly consuming or am I feeding my clarity?

-interpersonal matters, such as:

Each plateful we are voting for biodiversity or monoculture, we are voting for factory farming and continuous overfishing of our oceans; we are voting for dairy or tree-nut industries, we are voting for bees, deforestation, and reforestation, we vote on out-dated, nutrient-stripped food or the timeless wisdom of farm-to-plate standards.


We collectively decide which crop the farmers will choose to use up their existing water supply on. We choose how much our cacao farmers will get paid and we choose whether we still support forced labour. Perhaps we vote not to know, which is also fine. We have so much choice, and so much responsibility, it can be overwhelming – especially if we take it all too seriously. And it all, inevitably, gets condensed to one plateful of food at a time

The Art of Celebration & Appreciation

In order to produce the best version of ourselves, and contribute the best of us to the world – we need to feed ourselves in the best possible way. It is a no brainer. So, how do you choose to feed yourself? How do you choose to feed the world? Our answer, after decades of multi-disciplinary exploration, is simple: with celebration and appreciation. It is the only way to stop short-circuiting our minds with conflicting-ideas and trends, and bring this core life-providing relationship to the heart, where it belongs and where it can thrive and develop with us.

That’s how we are continually creating Wild Food Cafe. Every plateful of food is to be an expression of celebration and appreciation of each one of us, of our community, of our suppliers, our planet, our humanity, and everything around us. 

You might have noticed: our produce, website, and social media don’t have t-shirts with KALE or CHIA written on them. We don’t exhibit an intense preoccupation with any particular ingredient or philosophy. We smile at the “efficiency” with which people over-simplify broad understandings such as nourishment, nutrition & thriving into paradigms like ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’ and ‘clean eating’ – and then into an intense over-emphasis on its individual components – such as ‘kale’, ‘chia’ or ‘gluten’.  There is no reductionist answer which would be absolutely right for one person from one moment to the next, let alone for every individual. There are no less optimum ways of eating as there are individual beings eating in individual moments of time. Which is plenty! Instead, we choose to use a phrase which we live by, and through which we define our relationship with food, regardless of what’s in our plate any given day:

May your life be an expression of thriving and may the food you eat be a celebration of wellbeing. 

That’s why our team uniforms say: ‘Running Wild with Appreciation’ and not ‘Avocado on Gluten-Free Toast’. See the difference? We choose to focus on our ‘relationship with’… food and not on ‘food’ per se.

And from that intentional, inspired place we create food. In our view, that’s how it’s greatest (and most delicious) expression is brought into being. Bringing ourselves to a state of appreciation and happiness and creating from that place. Because food is sacred. It is the central currency of all our relationships. It is at the heart of all communities. It is the heart of life. 

Delicious, innovative, playful, visionary, mouth-watering, flavorsome, bold, nourishing, daring, nutritious, bio-diverse, beautiful, natural, raw, wild, wholesome, living, vibrant, happy plant food. 

Because this is an expression of OUR relationship with this core element of our lives. And we believe there are plenty of people out there, (perhaps millions or more!) – our wild tribe – who are feeling the same way. 

Our lives are art, food is art, our body is a piece of art, nature is art, our dreams and aspirations are art, we are all artists at heart – and so our food choices, majorly so, should be driven by an inspiration and intuition, a gentle feeling of lightness, harmonious interaction with our environment, and an inner sense of happiness. It shouldn’t be broken down to bare nutrients and minerals, food groups, and rule books. We are not machines, we cannot be figured out, even though we admirably try. We are human beings. Complex, miraculous, full of paradox and beauty, and unique in all our glory. 

This is our way.

Without art, is just- eh.


Joel and Aiste x