Watermelon and Raspberry Supersmoothie

| 24 May 2016

The watermelon season is upon us. No, they haven’t suddenly started hatching in the UK (at least not at this time of the year), but they are very much ripe, sun-kissed and happy; arriving in big wooden crates from the warmer places in the Mediterranean. Best place to find these beauties (they often tend to be oval, rather than round, and very, very big) in small local ethnic shops.

Once you buy the whole watermelon – you need to do something with it and use it up within 2-3 days. So here’s a perfect occasion for a gentle, and delicious, watermelon cleanse – in a smoothie form (make loads and drink throughout the day). You will feel more hydrated, lighter, more energised (Aiste cannot even sleep after eating watermelon – it is soooo packed with energy) and your skin will thank you for it.

In addition, you can cut up watermelon into smaller pieces and freeze them (without the peal) for instant summer ice-cubes and a hydrating, versatile smoothie base. You can make watermelon gazpachos, add them to salads…… So many possibilities and I am sure we will cover many of them throughout this summer.

But for now, we leave you with this hydrating but also very filling and nourishing recipe of a smoothie – our favourite, simply functional and fast way to create something delicious and beautiful to fuel our days.

Watermelon and Raspberry  Supersmoothie


(serves 2-4)

100g frozen raspberries (you can also use 2 punnets of fresh)

1-1,5l of blended watermelon

3 handfuls of hemp seed in the shell

50g of young coconut meat (optional)

1 whole organic unwaxed lime

2 heap TBLS baobab powder

1 TBLS lucuma (optional)

1 TBLS mesquite (optional)


If you have a high-speed blender use un-hulled hemp seeds with the shell. Add them to the blender with enough watermelon liquid and a whole lime chopped up into a few pieces. Blend till smooth, add the rest of watermelon liquid and make hemp-watermelon milk, of sorts. Then strain it through the nut milk bag or a sieve and follow the rest of the recipe. <Рyou will get a lot more nutrition (and less waste) from this method by using whole ingredients and the medicinal compounds of the lime. 


If you don’t have a high-speed blender just use the hulled hemp seeds and instead of 3 handfuls use 1 or 2. Blend with watermelon liquid till smooth. Squeeze in the juice of a lime.

Then in both cases add young coconut flesh if you have it around (you will, if each time you buy a fresh coconut you scoop out and freeze the flesh), the powders, the frozen raspberries and serve. Voila.

Enjoy, be happy, be wild — summer is here!

Aiste and Joel xx