Watermelon, White Almond & Cleaver Smoothie

| 14 May 2014

Some people worry that eating a lot of fruit, fruit juices and smoothies they will consume too much sugar. (We will be talking about 80:10:10 peeps who live almost exclusively on sugar and fruit next time:). In the meantime, here’s our approach to sugar consumption and how to make your sugar intake medicinal and good for you.

Not long ago, our tastebuds were way more accustomed to more challenging flavours such as bitter and sour. With the sugar industry taking over the world these two flavours were pretty much removed from our palate and from our daily food intake. Bitter started to become associated with ‘medicine’ – stuff that we have to take when we are not feeling well. And there is some truth to it! Bitter flavour usually carries more medicinal components – ‘medicinal’ meaning stuff that regenerates, tonifies, balances and cleanses our bodies.

We were not meant to get rid of the bitter flavours from our kitchen and now we are rediscovering this complex flavour by playing with ingredients such as greens (especially wild greens), tonic herbs, barks, roots, seaweeds, etc.

Sugar is the favourite ‘fast food’ of our cells – good and bad. When we combine sugary fruit with medicinal ingredients, such as greens, we open our cells to mineral-rich, essential nutrients.

Today we are sharing with you how to make the best of juicy, plump, colourful and happy spring/summer ingredient – watermelon – by combining it with wild greens to create a drink that is waaaaay more filling, gives you more long-lasting energy and provides you with a vast array of medicinal goodness.

The almonds that we are using in this recipe help break down the cellulose of the greens thus making this smoothie taster, smoother and easier to digest.

White Almond Cleaver Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon, Cleaver & White Almond Smoothie

serves 2



wild cleavers (aka sticky willy) / nettle / dandelion

a handful of pre-soaked almonds with skins removed


Add watermelon pieces at the bottom of your blender jug. If the watermelon is organic, add the skin as well. Having watermelon at the bottom will ensure easy blending. Add nuts next and finally your greens last. Blend well, add some ice if necessary and blend again to ensure smooth consistency and no bitty greens.

white almond and watermelon smoothie with wild cleavers

A bit about wild greens:

The trio of nettle, dandelion and cleaver (also known as goosegrass and sticky willy) are the most well known, recognizable, available and mineral-rich (medicinal) greens growing in England and Northern Hemisphere.

Interesting fact: cleavers are in the same family as coffee. The fruits of cleavers have often been dried and roasted, and then used as a coffee substitute which contains less caffeine.

What a wonderful world of wild plants!


Now we would love to hear from you: what wild foods are in your diet at the moment? Do you pick them yourself? How do you prepare them? Leave a comment below and let’s get this wild party started;)

With Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xoxo