Watermelon, Wild Greens & Almond Smoothie

| 6 August 2014

It is still a lush watermelon season you know? We love getting watermelons from small local Mediterranean shops where the watermelons are huuuuge, (sometimes 20kg!) juicy, sweet and ripe. With seeds too! If you haven’t watched our video on why you should eat watermelon with seeds watch it now🙂


We love combining lush, sweet fruit with (wild) greens because a) it makes the greens delicious b) it alchemizes and speeds up the absorption of goodness from the greens. Also, adding a ‘fatty element’ to your smoothie (such as almonds in this case) softens the taste of the greens (especially if they are wild) and helps with digestion.

Use crushed ice to make the smoothie extra cold – kids love it!

Dandelion & Almond Smoothie

(serves 2-4)


1cup / 215g of soaked almonds (soak in the fridge)

Juice of half a lime (20gms)

1300gms of watermelon

100g grams of fresh wild leaves: such as dandelion, nettle, etc

250g spring water ice cubes



In this order add to the blender: 700g of the watermelon with the lime juice, wild leaves, soaked almonds, and ice, blend until totally smooth.

Then add the remaining watermelon, which will be enough to make a full 2-litre jug.


Now we would like to hear from you: What is your favourite way of preparing watermelon? And wild greens? Leave a comment below this recipe.

Celebration & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team xoxo