What Does Wild Food Café Represent to You?

| 30 January 2014

It was a sunny spring afternoon and we started opening our big green windows to allow some fresh breeze in. We just passed the lunch peak and the café settled into a more mellow afternoon. Friends meeting friends, relaxing, catching up, having engrossing conversations, laughing. Another cozy & lively afternoon in Wild Food Café.

We were sitting at one of the tables sipping green tea and scribbling our notes, absorbing the sounds and conversations. And then it hit us. Wild Food Café is a Retreat. It is an experience!


Let us explain:

When we opened the café in our heads and hearts it was all about creating an oasis in the centre of town. With this intention in mind, we got on with our day-to-day stuff doing what we do best: yummilicious, colourful, creative, nutrient-packed dishes that fulfil people on many levels.

Little by little this intention grew and expanded into something bigger: a vibe, an atmosphere, a healing sensation, happy thoughts, you name it – a being in its own right. It went way beyond food and nourishment. It became spacious and timeless.


Native American shamans say that all healing is about distractions. They distract patients with fun, laughter, music, light, taste, sensation till the patient’s mind reaches a good enough place for wellbeing to naturally come through.


We love distracting people from the hustle-bustle of London with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, heartfelt hospitality (both great for digestion) as well as delicious, mind-blowing, made-with-love-food. Food that allows people to reach a good place within themselves and bring even more wellness into their lives. On all levels.

It might sound a bit woo-woo, but here’s how it works:

Most of our guests come to Wild Food Café driven by a little bird on their shoulder encouraging to take care of themselves today, to get away from London rush, to get extra nourishment on more levels than one.

Sometimes we hear people telling each other on the street or around social media: “You should have a Wild Food Café experience – you will loooove it!”