What Happens During Team Breakfasts

| 30 January 2014

Did you know that every single day before we open, we have a team breakfast together? Yes, we do and we love it. 😉 Usually, we take 15-20 minutes and use this time to connect and to get ourselves ready for the most amazing day ever! It would be a shame not to.

All of our Wild Team are very much into their nutrition and wellbeing journeys, so there’s a lot of entertaining conversations, exchanges, and explorations that happen at the breakfast table. Sometimes some of the team are ‘juice feasting’, sometimes they are ‘only raw’, sometimes it is ‘80% raw’, other times is ‘I-am-on-100%-chocolate’ kind of day (you get the drift, haha:)).

We are always exploring and continually making changes in our nutrition and lifestyles. Sometimes our experimentations seem darn-right ridiculous, but never ever pointless:) This attitude very much influences the menu and the leading-edge, playful direction of Wild Food Cafe. We love love love to explore, experiment, and play.

At the moment most of us are off the processed wheat flour and its products. And we loooooove it! That’s the reason not long ago we introduced organic sprouted wheat “berry” bread on our menu as an alternative to classic organic sourdough (of course raw cracker option is still available!!).

This little mighty bread is as unprocessed and full of goodness as ‘bread’ can get. Whole wheat grains are soaked for a period of 48h, then gently mushed together into a naturally sticky dough and baked at low temperatures. Nothing else. No yeast, no flour, no refinement. Just wholesome goodness.

This bread goes AMAZING with our living falafels, burgers, and pretty much every possible option on the menu. It is a lot more nourishing and filling, but leaves you feeling lighter and doesn’t have any bloating effects that sometimes come even with the best quality organic sourdough white. Some people with gluten allergies can tolerate this bread too!

If you haven’t yet, we do suggest you try a sandwich with this bread. Isn’t it the most amazing sensation in the world to find something completely new that you thoroughly enjoy and that amplifies your wellbeing? Go, try:) It is on the menu every day at Wild Food Cafe.

What are you planning to do this month – or today – to amplify and magnify your vitality and wellbeing?

Go, do it now and share your experiments with us in the comments below!