What Happens on Retreat, Stays on Retreat

| 1 June 2019

Last month we shared with you a sneak peek into what goes on during one of our Immersion weekends and now we’re back to tease you with what it was like to participate in our retreat in early September.

This was the first time we have hosted a retreat, it took place in the south of France in partnership with a few of our favourite holistic practitioners.

Roxi won an Open Exchange place on the retreat and joined us from South Africa. She was inspired to enter the competition by “the incredible pictures of the Wild Food Café’s meals on Instagram” which, combined with trying to eat a more plant-based diet, lead her wanting to learn more.

“The whole experience couldn’t have been more magical. Everyone was smiling, happy, and organised.

Retreat Life

Each day was themed according to one of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – and started with yoga. After breakfast, we had “Rawfood Playshop and Practicals” before lunch and then “me” time in the afternoons when the team offered massages, treatments, and even personal talks, but with no pressure to do anything. Late afternoons were for element-based group discussions with Joel, after which we did more connective yoga practices. Each evening had its own session – like a Cacao Ceremony or a Gong Bath”.

Set deep in the beautiful French countryside, retreaters were able to connect with nature, with each other and with themselves and Roxi’s lasting impression was that it “left me feeling like anything is possible, I left feeling lighter spiritually. It was really awesome being surrounded by like-minded people who share similar passions, I just remember smiling a LOT. The whole team radiated so much positive energy it was contagious”.

The Food

Of course, we all want to know more about the food, and Roxi couldn’t wait to share with us!

“I honestly had never tasted so many yummy, creatively beautiful foods in my life”! Having challenged her preconception that eating raw for a week would leave her hungry, she left feeling energised and “excited about preparing food again”. We are excited to be able to share a smoothie she was inspired to create since she returned home.

“I have taken up having at least one superfood smoothie a day for the powerful antioxidants and natural vitamins and minerals. Plus its DELICIOUS. I was previously always so focused on counting calories and fat content, which ultimately leads to eating processed, refined foods that you think are good for you. Food in its whole form is like a ball of love sent from the earth to nourish you, so I try not to change or process anything too much”.

We hope you enjoy Roxi’s creation and think about joining us on an immersion course or on next year’s retreat for what we anticipate to be another magical gathering.

Red Velvet Smoothie

1/2 Big Raw Beetroot

1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

2 Tbsp (heaped) Raw Cacao

3/4 C Unsweetened Almond Milk

1-2 Soaked Dates

1 Tbsp hemp Seeds

1 Tbsp Maca Powder

Cut the raw beetroot into small pieces before blending all ingredients together, add more almond milk if it’s too thick. Top with fresh figs and berries, raw pumpkin seeds & raw cacao nibs.

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Interview by Hannah Phoebe Bowen