What Really Happens at Raw Food Immersions?

| 30 September 2015

Who wouldn’t want to freedom and skills to become their own wild and raw personal chef? That is what the Wild Food Café Raw Immersion Weekend aims to give all participants. When we offered the winner of our #WildRawgust Instagram challenge a place on the course we knew she was far from a beginner but the course is designed to inspire; wherever you are in life at the moment, we love to be a part of your journey.

“My cooking before the challenge was creative but not always successful or balanced,” shared competition winner Lisa when we caught up with her about her experience on the course. Throughout the two day immersion “Aiste and Joel coax out that inner child and I’ve stopped feeling like food needs to be stressful, rushed or perfect, just what feels right, right now.”

“Joel and Aiste put a lot of effort into really personalising the course, taking time to get to know everyone, and working one to one so everyone has a unique experience! It definitely leaves you with more questions but also more confidence “

Back in her home kitchen, “I’ve been trying to have a more relaxed playful outlook towards food and that has definitely led to some tasty goings-on, on a more practical note I have also been playing around with Joel’s tips to balance flavours within a dish and learning more about wild and foraged foods.”

You learn some great recipes on the course too, when we asked Lisa what her favourite dish had been and she answered without hesitation “Raw Sushi”!

If that’s teased you into wanting to dive in, play, and explore with us, our next immersion weekend runs 10-11 October and a few places still remain! Book here.

Interview by Hannah Phoebe Bowen