What Wellness means and where to begin: An introduction to the path of wild wellness

| 25 November 2020

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Krishnamurti

At first, this quote might sound a little contradictory to the term wellness, however, when you think about it, trying to be well in a profoundly unwell society is a problem in itself. I chose this quote as it resonated deeply, so many of us, in life and in the wellness community especially, are striving for this perfect state of being, to be constantly enlightened and always positive. However, this reality of living is almost always unattainable, it’s unbalanced, and it puts too much pressure on us. We are human at the end of the day and our mistakes are part of our evolution, without them we wouldn’t learn and grow, and who doesn’t want to learn and grow?

We understand what comes with being human, the laughter and the joy, the pain and the problems, we don’t ever need to be perfect and we need to make that a new belief. We need to bring more meaning into our lives and there are many practices, tools and technologies that we can utilise to bring this healing, to get grounded, to bring more balance and clarity and that blissful joy, love and trust that we all want in our lives. So, don’t worry, we will be sharing all of the ways we know, and feel are best to do this, plus our own personal insights and tips. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and for you to feel the results!


When we are asking then, what wellness really means and where to begin this journey, we have to remember our context, because we’re talking about wellness… but we are actually talking about the journey of life. And the journey of life is made up of many parts, love, adversity, pain, healing, learning, growth, joy and much, much more, however, the point I’m making is that we can choose how we experience these things. We can choose to be grateful and trust each part of this process, for example, when we are experiencing one of earth’s greatest joys, we can feel so grateful that life has brought us to this moment. Or when we are experiencing pain and sickness, yes, we will still feel the pain and have the sickness, but we can still be grateful, for the lessons that it brings and trust they were meant to be brought to us. It might not be easy, but it is simple. It’s our choice and we can choose to trust that a friendly face is around the corner, or we can choose to be in fear of what’s coming next. Freedom of choice is the gift we were given. It’s our choice to decide how we will respond to the environment within us and the environment around us. And actually, we have the freedom to choose and to create a new reality within and around us as well.

Wellness is a journey, it is a decision to live life differently, to say, hey! This here, what’s going on now, isn’t working and I just feel deep down, very subtly and very powerfully, that life can be so much more beautiful and wonderful than this. Life can feel so much better than what I’m feeling right now, I know it, I deserve it and you do too. I believe that everyone deeply and inherently knows that there is something not quite right about the way that we as human beings are living on earth, we know in our gut and feel in our hearts, that something is missing. And I believe that what is missing is Love, feeling love often, receiving and giving love often, and experiencing love unconditionally from the community, that is what is missing and that is what the path of wellness brings. An opportunity, to feel love, to heal, to learn and to grow, with a community who supports each other and holds these beliefs together. I believe this is what wellness means at its heart and what life is meant for.

Where there is love, there is life, where there is love, there is healing, where there is love, there is acceptance and from all of that comes the beautiful opportunity to grow together, intertwined with each other’s journeys, creating a magical experience for the ones living it. Love brings that experience to the ones who decided that life is more meaningful than this, love brings a magical existence to the ones who are willing to take action in order to create a different reality based upon those core values of receiving and giving eternal love and support to one another.

So, the beginning of your wellness journey starts at your heart and with that decision. So, right now, as you are reading this, feel into your heart and decide that whether moving into a life you love, is something you want. It might not be an easy journey, but where’s the fun in that? Feeling in your heart, that you want to live in a life of love and to give love to others will give you purpose and bring you to a community of people who want the same. Moreover, you will stop feeling so lost and anxious in this overwhelming society, when you make that decision to connect to your heart and start the journey of moving into a life you love. 

Connecting to your heart will remind you that you’ve always belonged. Your heart is your anchor, it is your centre and a gift you’ve received so you know you are connected, so you know you belong. Your heart is and will always be there for you, at every moment, whenever you need it. Ready to teach you it’s divine wisdom, you just have to be gentle enough to listen, patient enough to hear and then be powerful enough to act. You might be thinking, what do you mean? Connect to my heart and hear its wisdom? It might sound a little difficult or strange, it might be something you’ve never even thought of or heard of before, because in all honesty most of us are living in our minds, disconnected and thinking with our self-serving egos.

However, the most important point I want to remain focused on and give precious energy to is the heart because when you are moving from your heart, you are moving from a place of love, wisdom and connectedness. You move from the source of our whole of wholes. And when you actually do what your heart wants and says, life will reward you and you feel the benefits and I can say that with 100% certainty. You reap just what you sow and that goes to show for everyone and everything.

As I said before this is a journey but somehow, we are all so focused on the destination, that we forget to enjoy how inspiring and wonderful it all is. So slow down, because there will be many paths, directions and opportunities to take, trust the ones that you feel called to and the ones that resonate, you have eternal wisdom inside of you and you can trust those feelings. Doing what you really want, at your heart and taking the moment to think what that is, is the most important thing for all of us to do. Life is precious. I want to give you a practice that  allows you at any moment to understand what you really want, at your heart, so you can be more aligned with your purpose, be more fulfilled, feel more love for yourself and for the others around you and connect to the divine wisdom that’s inside of you and all around us (and it’s easy!!). It’s is what I like to call;

Tuning into the essence of your heart and allowing love to guide you

The process is as follows:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Feel your energy and become aware of your heart
  4. Feel yourself moving your energy towards your centre, your heart and focus there
  5. Offer your trust first to the sacred heart and its wisdom.
  6. Bring your question, your doubt, your confusion, your need for guidance to your heart. Or bring your gratitude, love and joy to your heart, to give thanks. Whatever it is that you need, be patient and focused at your centre and trust your heart will guide you.
  7. Feel your instincts, they are your answer and insight. They usually are thoughts of wisdom or a feeling moving you in a certain direction to do something or to say something, a solution in either form. Trust these instincts as they are mother nature directly communicating with you and guiding you.
  8. Follow by asking “Am I giving love this way?” If yes, you are aligned with your purpose and you know what you need to do now. Move out from your heart, with no hesitation or doubt if you can, and trust that love will lead you to the lessons you need to be taught and the destination you seek to arrive at. If the movement you are led to do, think or feel, does not give love, ask “How do I give love?” Listen quietly and patiently until you feel your instincts again, giving you a solution and then once the wisdom is received, act on it! Bear in mind, the solution might be to do nothing until you trust for sure that love is guiding your movements. The answer will be different depending on context and environment and I cannot guarantee anything. I’m humbly suggesting a trick of mine that I use when I’m in doubt and in need of the guidance for what to do. The best and most aligned way for me to progress is with my heart and with love. You reap what you sow.
  9. Feel grateful for the purity of the heart and the wisdom it’s gifting you with.
  10. And finally, ENJOY moving out from your heart, with love gracing your movements.

    “Nothing exists without a centre around which it revolves, whether the nucleus of an atom, the heart of our body, hearth of the home, capital of a nation, sun in the solar system or black hole at the core of a galaxy. When the centre does not hold, the entire affair collapses. An idea or conversation is considered “pointless” not because it leads nowhere but because it has no point holding it together” – Micheal S Schneider

    This is what I’m suggesting that we hold space for ourselves and for one another, that we half understand, and half-remember our truth. That we reconnect to our hearts and the interconnected parts of a whole that we are. We all deserve to live lives that we love, that are full of love, freedom and celebration, that’s what mother nature intended for us and it’s time now we come together, as a community and create this for one another.

    Love brings healing and I believe the time now is for healing, healing for the one and for the many, neither can take place without each other nor would we want them too. Healing the community, healing the land around us, healing the self, that’s the priority, and I think there is a beautiful opportunity for the wellness industry to bring this to everyone. So, if you want to be part of the wellness community, of a global community of people who have decided that life is meaningful and wonderful. Make the decision, connect to your heart and find ways to heal others. Because when we give ourselves to this process of healing others, in turn, we heal ourselves and I think we all deserve to do this for each other.

    We will be releasing future articles covering all things wellness, we want to inspire you and act as a guide so that you have amazing resources at your convenience. We will be sharing all our wisdom with you and you can look forward to reading articles anywhere from food medicine, to meditation, to shamanic dreaming circles, yin yoga, cacao ceremonies and more…! We really want to give you the best insights we can, so that you have a place to feel inspired about how to develop your bodies, souls and spirits!

    Finally, I’ll leave you with the essence of love described in the wisdom of madness from one of the greatest poets to have ever lived on earth.

    The Path of Love

    If there were no wine,
    To wash away the longing
    Of my heart, I would lose
    The very core of my life.

    If I did not drown my reason,
    In the rolling sea,
    I could never guide
    My heart through calamity.

    The wheel of destiny
    Revolves hidden from our eyes.
    The swindler only laugh’s
    At lovers sighs.

    The path of love is a mystery.
    May the muse guide me
    Through times
    Of scarcity.
    My weary heart
    Draws me to the meadow
    Where I might somehow
    Feel my breath return to me

    O love! Heal me
    With your sweet wine.
    Lift the pain and remove
    All foolish fears of mine

    Hafiz is burning in flames,
    But no one tells the beloved!
    O merciful wind, perhaps you will,
    Share my fate with hers!

    – Hafiz

    By Trinity Perkins